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The Uproar Over Common Core.


New Hampshire adopted these new public school standards several years ago... one of forty five states to do so. Now, while many districts are on the path, more pushback has developed in some communities, especially from groups suspicious of outside involvement in local public education.  Today we'll look at the current debates around Common Core.


  • Mark Conrad – Superintendent of schools for the Nashua School District
  • Sam Evans Brown – Education reporter for NHPR
  • Laura Hainey – President of the American Federation of Teachers, New Hampshire

We'll also hear from

  • Ann-Marie Banfield – Education liaison for Cornerstone Action

More information and reporting on Common Core:

  • A piece from the Washington Post's education reporter, Valerie Strauss: "Seven facts you should know about new Common Core tests"
  • Mark Conrad's editorial for The Telegraph of Nashua: "Common Core critical to our future"
  • An explainer about Common Core standards from the Nashua School District