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The Exchange

Grappling over Gun Laws

Auraelius via Flickr Creative Commons

We wrap up our three-day series on possible lessons from the Newtown shootings, with a look at some of the battles brewing over gun control and gun rights. President Obama has said he’ll do what it takes to curb gun violence. And lawmakers here in the Granite State are gearing up to take on such gun-related issues as the state’s Stand Your Ground law.


  • J. R. Hoell - Republican Representative from Dunbarton. Member of the House Children and Family Law Committee. And a board member of the NH Firearms Coalition. Hoell is  sponsor of legislation that would repeal the licensing requirement to carry a concealed weapon.
  • Stephen Shurtleff - Democratic Representative from Penacook and House Majority Leader. He is retired from US Marshals Service and is sponsoring legislation that would repeal the state’s Stand Your Ground law.

Also joining us:

  • Ted Kirkpatrick - Director of Justiceworks, a criminal justice research and development unit at UNH, which studies crime, including gun-related homicide.
  • Bob Lee  - Owner of Lee’s Gun Shop in Hudson.