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The Exchange

Next Week on the Exchange - Week of June 4th

Next week on the Exchange, we begin with a statehouse update, as lawmakers come down to the wire in their final month of work.  Then we look at why some experts are souring on sugar. New research shows it could be even worse for you than we thought, including contributing to memory loss and addictive qualities.  We return to a long debate in New Hampshire – over the state’s role in funding our public schools. Finally, this economic downturn has been nicknamed the 'man-cession' due to the number of middle-aged men left unemployed from it, but now some are suggesting that we're entering a 'man-covery' we'll look at this hard-hit group and how they may be rebounding several years later.  E-mail us at NHPR dot org, and Join us all next week for the Exchange, each morning live at 9 and again at 8 pm here on NHPR!