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Using Water Well

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Last year, the Governor’s Water Sustainability Commission formed.  Their task: to ensure the quantity and quality of our state’s water is as good or better in the next quarter century. But with increases in population, greater pollution risks and  changes in weather patterns, it could be a tough task. We’ll look at the major aquatic issues facing the state and the challenges that may weight it down.


John Gilbert -  Chair of the Governor's Water Sustainability Commission and a member of the New Hampshire Water Council.

Paul Susca – Administrator, Drinking Water Planning & Protection at N. H. Department of Environmental Services

Denise Hart – Member of the Water Sustainability Commission who is concentrating on conservation. Denise is also on the board of Save Our Groundwater

Read a primer on the state of our State's water quality and quantity.

Click here to learn about when the upcoming water sustainability meetings might be near you.