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Issue Tuesdays: Electability


No matter how much you love a candidate's jobs plan, their ideas around health care, their environmental platform or their views on immigration, if you want a Republican in the White House and they can't beat the President, it may not be the best choice.  Some of that has to do with familiarity of the candidate, some has to do with money, and some has to do with those platforms and how they not only counter the President's but fall in favor with many independents who may be on the fence. Today on Primary eve, we conclude our Issue Tuesday's on a Monday as we talk about the Republican Presidential candidates and how 'electable' they could be.


  • Dean Spiliotes - Civic scholar at the School of Arts and Sciences at Southern New Hampshire University and author of the popular website, www.nhpoliticalcapital.com.
  • Dante Scala - Associate professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire. He tweets @graniteprof.