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Disaster Preparedness

Ryan Lessard
The morning after Snowtober.

The October storm that left hundreds of thousands without power in New Hampshire may have been unlikely for this time of year, but it’s also a scenario familiar to Granite Staters who have weathered many natural disasters in recent years, including floods, ice storms, and even a tornado.  We take a look at what we’ve learned from these events, where our emergency preparedness is still lacking, and how we might fare as we head into another winter season. 


Chris Pope: Director of New Hampshire's Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

William “Russ” Webster: National Preparedness Division Director and Federal Preparedness Coordinator for FEMA’s Boston-based division.

We'll also hear from...

George Klauber: Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Management of Derry.

Gary Long: President and Chief Operating Officer of PSNH

Alisha McDevitt: News Director for WMUR.