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Peter Howe,  Co-owner of Church & Main Advertising, Keene

“Eight years ago, Church and Main was primarily known in the western part of the state, and we wanted to increase our awareness. We looked around and found that New Hampshire Public Radio was one of the few outlets that had coverage all over the state. In my travels I am continually surprised how many people recognize the name Church and Main, which I have to attribute to NHPR.”

Peter Eggleston,  Owner of Smuttynose Brewery, Portsmouth

“Because we support something that the listeners of public radio also support, there’s a kind of association there, and I think it works out very well. I think what it helps to do, is it makes us and our product and our brand just more familiar to people, people who share our values.”

Jamie Colen,  Garden Director at Fuller Gardens, North Hampton

“We’ve been underwriting with NHPR for 3 years now. We started to get a lot of positive feedback when people came in and mentioned NHPR. In the second year we went even further and got even more people to come in. And then it was just overwhelming the next year. You know, after 18 years to figure out where to put your advertising dollar, we figured this is the place.”

Penny Pitou,  President of Penny Pitou Travel,  Laconia

“A few days ago, some people came into the office and booked a very nice trip. And when they finished and were about ready to leave, we said, "How did you hear about us?" And they said, "We heard your name mentioned on NHPR. We found your telephone number, called you up and here we are." I would certainly suggest other companies become underwriters for NHPR.  It's been a wonderful relationship for us.  It's a win-win situation as far I'm concerned, and I'm sure it would be for other businesses as well.”

Eric Vallaire,  Executive Director of Nashua Symphony Association, Nashua

“I personally think of NHPR as a source of information, and so for me, underwriting on NHPR is analogous to word of mouth.  I think when people hear about our concerts through NHPR, it’s not the same as hearing an ad on another radio station.  It feels like you’re being informed that something’s happening, and I think you listen differently when you listen to NHPR.”

Dave MacDonald, Dir. of Education at McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, Concord

“We’ve been partnering with NHPR for more than a decade. I would definitely consider NHPR as a priority for our marketing dollars, because there’s a great listenership and I think there is a significant overlap of the types of people that would be listening to NHPR and the people that would visit the McAuliffe – Shepard Discovery Center.”

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