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This GIF shows officials handling boxes of Windham's ballots at the end of the audit

After spending the last three weeks carefully recounting ballots, inspecting the vote counting machines and otherwise examining discrepancies in the 2020 election results for the town of Windham, auditors haven’t found any evidence of fraud or other intentional tampering. 

Auditors Find No Fraud In Disputed Windham Election

May 28, 2021
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Auditors have found no evidence of fraud or political bias in a controversial New Hampshire election that has drawn the interest of Donald Trump.

The audit, mandated by the legislature, is set to finish Thursday.

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One of the auditors in Windham's election recount has indicated a potential explanation for discrepancies in vote totals there between state representative races announced on Election Night, and the results generated by a recount.

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Se reportan nuevos casos de COVID-19 en New Hampshire 

New Hampshire registró 139 [ciento treinta y nueve] nuevos casos de COVID-19 el domingo.

A closely watched audit of Windham’s November election results got underway Tuesday.

The team behind it has until May 27 to figure out what might be behind a nearly 400 vote gap between Windham’s vote totals on Election Night and the results of a state-run recount a week later.

Windham Town Hall
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Overall, the 2020 election went smoothly in New Hampshire — but there’s still one lingering question that hasn’t been answered: What happened with the vote totals in Windham’s state representative race? After a recount, an appeal to the Ballot Law Commission and months of discussions about who should investigate the issue, the state is one step closer to answering this question through its first post-election audit in recent memory — perhaps ever.

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More school districts are announcing positive COVID-19 cases, prompting a handful of schools and over a thousand students to go to remote learning plans this week.

A piece of cardboard reads "We are a nation made strong by people like you. Thank you RBG." There is a candle in front of the small poster.
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Autoridades reportan nuevos casos, algunos de residents menores a 18


A coronavirus outbreak among students at Windham High School will force that school to remain remote for at least the next week.

The school was supposed to reopen with a hybrid model on Wednesday, but news that sixteen students had tested positive for COVID-19 prompted the school to change its plans last minute and reopen with a remote model.

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Rebrote de casos  en Windham cambia los planes de reapertura de Windham High School

El noticiero de hoy lo comenzamos con noticias actualizadas de la reapertura de escuelas y universidades en New Hampshire. 

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A school year like no other is underway in New Hampshire.

By mid-week, most districts had reopened with a fully in-person, hybrid, or remote model, and families, teachers, and students were getting a first glimpse of what education during the pandemic could be like for months to come.

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Derry and its surrounding towns are kicking off their 300th year anniversary this weekend with bagpipes, craft demonstrations and history lectures.

The region was originally inhabited by Penacook Abenaki people, before it was colonized in 1719 by a group of Ulster Scots (Scots-Irish) families fleeing religious persecution from Northern Ireland.

They named it the "Nutfield Settlement," and their journey marked the beginning of more than a century of Scots-Irish immigration to the U.S.

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Several towns in southern New Hampshire will be celebrating their tricentennial in 2019.

The settlement of Nutfield - now known as Derry, Londonderry, and Windham - became the first inland settlement of Europeans in the Merrimack Valley in 1719.

It comprised 16 Scots Irish families who had fled religious persecution in their hometown of Aghadowey, in the Irish County of Londonderry.

City and town officials in New Hampshire are getting an influx in calls from people wanting to pay their 2018 property taxes this tax year.

Four wells in a neighborhood in Windham contain elevated levels of PFCs, a chemical contaminant, according to test results released Friday by the state’s Department of Environmental Services.

A high school music teacher in Windham, New Hampshire, has received the 2015 Grammy Music Educator award.

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After being among more than 7,000 teachers nationwide nominated for a music educator Grammy earlier this year, Jared Cassedy, director of fine arts for the Windham School District, is now one of 10 finalists for the award.

This is the second year the Grammys has handed out that award, which is meant to honor music teachers who’ve made an impact on students’ lives.

Cassedy spoke with Rick Ganley on Morning Edition.

What’s your reaction to being one of the ten finalists for this honor? Were you surprised?