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A Somersworth café has won its state Supreme Court challenge against Facebook, in a unanimous ruling Friday that sends the contract dispute back to a district court.

Emmett Soldati, owner of the Teatotaller café, challenged Facebook in Dover’s small claims court, saying he was owed damages after the company deleted the café’s Instagram account in 2018.

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The state Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a contract dispute between a local business and the social media giant Facebook.

The case centers on the Instagram account of Teatotaller, a Somersworth cafe owned by Emmett Soldati.

Soldati, who’s also running for Executive Council, represented himself in the appeal. He says Instagram – which is owned by Facebook – unfairly deleted his paid business account in 2018.

Teatotaller / via Instagram

The New Hampshire Supreme Court hears oral arguments Tuesday in a dispute between Facebook and a Seacoast coffee shop.

Emmett Soldati owns Teatotaller in Somersworth. He's suing Facebook for, he says, unfairly deleting his cafe's Instagram account in 2018.

Soldati, who is also running for Executive Council, argues that Facebook's terms of use directed him to take the case to a local small claims court.

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The owner of the Teatotaller café in Somersworth is taking on Facebook at the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

The colorful coffee shop, a self-styled “queer hipster oasis,” routinely hosts everything from teen drag shows to presidential campaign stops.

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