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En Concord, hubo manifestación en contra del racismo hacia asiáticos 

Cientos de personas en Concord asistieron a una manifestación fuera de la Casa Estatal en contra del racismo hacia los asiáticos. 

Cori Princell

A rally in Concord against anti-Asian racism drew several hundred to the State House plaza Sunday. 

Across the country, people have been mourning the deaths of eight people in shootings in Atlanta, six of them women of Asian descent.

The gathering in Concord was organized by the Asian American & Pacific Islander caucus of the state Democratic party and the progressive activist group, Kent Street Coalition.

Nashua State Representative Latha Mangipudi was one of those who addressed the crowd. She said she could not be silent, and called for social equality.

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Casos de COVID-19 y hospitalizaciones disminuyen en New Hampshire, número promedio de fallecimientos se mantiene estable 

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The state's most recently retired Supreme Court Chief Justice, who is now a newly elected state representative, is asking lawmakers to support changing the constitution to permit judges to remain on the court beyond the age of 70.

N.H. State House
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Absentee balloting - a policy put front and center in 2020 due to the coronavirus - was before a state Senate committee Monday.

Local election officials told lawmakers that a proposal to require images of a photo IDs to be included with absentee ballots and ballot requests would create a logistical burden that would disenfranchise eligible voters.

Sarah Gibson for NHPR

The state Senate voted unanimously today to make it easier for local officials to postpone town meetings and pre-process absentee ballots.

The bill would extend procedures enacted last year through the 2021 town election season.

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Low vacancy rates, high rents, and a lack of affordable housing are perennial issues in New Hampshire.

Legislation being considered in the State House next year would encourage cities and towns to build more housing as a way to address the crisis.

Dan Tuohy / NHPR

The New Hampshire House and Senate are both meeting this week. It will be lawmakers’ final chance to act on bills this year.

This will be the second time the legislature has met since the coronavirus closed the State House in March.

The Senate meets Monday in Representatives Hall. The much larger House meets Tuesday at UNH’s Whittemore Center in Durham.

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New Hampshire lawmakers continue to wrestle with questions about where to draw the line between their work inside and outside the State House. 

Josh Rogers, NHPR

The Legislative Ethics Committee is still weighing how to proceed on a complaint involving one of the top-ranking Democrats at the New Hampshire State House, four months after it first began a “preliminary investigation” into the matter.

N.H. State House
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Local education officials had a consistent message for legislative budget writers Thursday: Live up to the promises you made to school districts in the vetoed state budget. Their pleas came shortly after Gov. Chris Sununu floated what he called a compromise on education - one that Democrats quickly rejected as untenable.

Dan Tuohy / NHPR


A bill aimed at better protecting New Hampshire students from discrimination has been sent to Republican Gov. Chris Sununu.

The House voted 211-141 in favor of the bill Wednesday. It had passed the state Senate in March.

It would prohibit discrimination against students in public schools based on age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, marital status, familial status, disability, religion or national origin.

N.H. State House
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The New Hampshire Legislature is one step closer to holding independent investigations into sexual harassment complaints against lawmakers.

Currently, complaints are reported to the House or Senate chiefs of staff. Under a bill the House passed on Wednesday, complaints would go to an independent human resources employee instead.

Supporters say sexual harassment is a real and continuing problem in workplaces, including the Statehouse. Opponents say administrative policy shouldn't be enshrined in state law.

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A week-long celebration of New Hampshire's Statehouse is starting with an opening ceremony, reenactments of the first legislative session and special tours of the building.

While a wooden building in Portsmouth served as the seat of New Hampshire's colonial government starting in 1758, the granite Statehouse in Concord opened in 1819 and is the oldest state capitol in which both houses of the Legislature meet in their original chambers.

Dan Tuohy / NHPR


The schedule is set for a week-long celebration of the New Hampshire Statehouse's Bicentennial.

While various events have been held in recent years, the formal celebration starts Sunday, June 2, with an opening ceremony, reenactments of the first Statehouse session in 1819 and tours of the building.

On Monday, there will be special roundtable discussions featuring former governors and executive councilors.

Dan Tuohy / NHPR

State legislators will vote in committee Tuesday on a handful of bills expanding recreational access and funding for public waters.

One bill up for a vote in the House Fish & Game committee would set up a pilot program to allow swimming at five water bodies with public boat ramps.

The proposal stems from a debate over one such pond in Ossipee, where residents want to swim alongside non-motorized boats.

Sarah Gibson for NHPR

A local labor union is urging lawmakers to support legislation to combat what it says is a growing problem with workers compensation and wage theft in New Hampshire.

Members of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters say companies are using a loophole to underpay workers and underreport employees, by misclassifying these employees as independent contractors.

N.H. Senate Votes to Backstop Affordable Care Act

Mar 27, 2019
Todd Bookman / NHPR


The New Hampshire Senate on Wednesday passed a bill aimed at protecting consumers if the Affordable Care Act gets dismantled.

The bill, approved by a vote of 22-1, would restore many provisions of state law that were already in place before they were superseded by the President Barack Obama's health care law, known as "Obamacare." 

N.H. House Approves Red-Tailed Hawk as State Raptor

Mar 20, 2019


New Hampshire lawmakers who disappointed schoolchildren and made national news four years ago by refusing to designate an official state raptor have had a change of heart.

In 2015, the House rejected a bill promoted by Hampton Falls fourth-graders to honor the red-tailed hawk. With students looking on, opponents called the bill unnecessary and the bird too violent. One lawmaker even suggested it would make a good mascot for Planned Parenthood because it tears its prey apart, "limb from limb."

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Right now, around 50,000 people in New Hampshire get their health insurance through expanded Medicaid. As a creation of the Affordable Care Act, the program is designed to cover people who make too much money to qualify for traditional Medicaid, but not enough to afford private health insurance.

Beginning later this year, for some of those 50,000 people, there is a new string attached to that health insurance: a requirement they work at least 100 hours each month.

Dan Tuohy / NH Public Radio


Transgender residents and those who don't identify as either male or female would be allowed to change their name and sex information on their birth certificates under a bill passed by the New Hampshire House this week.

The bill would require an applicant to get notarized statements from health care providers stating that in the provider's opinion, an individual is male, female or neither and is reasonably expected to continue as such for the foreseeable future. New birth certificates would be issued, but the original certificates would also be kept.

Dan Tuohy / NHPR


The New Hampshire Senate gave preliminary approval Thursday to a batch of bills addressing safety and mental health in schools.

Sheryl Rich-Kern for NHPR

Legislators heard testimony Tuesday on a bill to expedite the process for jobsite stop work orders.


Right now, if an employer is accused of not paying workers or not providing workers' compensation coverage, a stop work order has to get through Superior Court. That could take weeks.


This bill would streamline the process by allowing the New Hampshire Department of Labor to issue the order directly.




A proposal aimed at preventing mental health patients from languishing in emergency rooms won preliminary approval Thursday in the New Hampshire Senate.



The New Hampshire Senate has approved a bill to triple state funding for job training programs.

The Democratically-controlled Senate passed the bill along party lines 14-10 Thursday. Supporters said it fills in the gaps of existing programs, and would be of particular help to recent high school graduates entering trade professions, older workers on their second or third careers and those in recovery from addiction.

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New Hampshire Democrats who objected to what they viewed as voter suppression legislation are proposing new bills aimed at expanding voter turnout.

The House Election Law Committee held public hearings Tuesday on two constitutional amendments: One would allow 17-year-olds to vote in primaries if they will turn 18 by the date of the general election; the other would make absentee ballots available to all voters, not just those who fit certain circumstances.

Annie Ropeik / NHPR

State legislators will consider how to prepare New Hampshire for the effects of climate change this session – including with one bill that would help coastal towns facing rising seas.

Seacoast-area state Senator David Watters spoke at the Seacoast Environmental Film Festival Saturday, after a documentary about sea level rise on the Chesapeake Bay.


Legislators in Concord Thursday heard more than an hour of testimony on a bill that would roll back voter residency restrictions. About 100 people attended the hearing.


A measure passed last year, HB 1264, requires New Hampshire voters demonstrate their intent to make the state their principal place of physical presence “to the exclusion of all others.”


The new proposed legislation, House Bill 106, would add back four words to the statute “for the indefinite future.”


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New Hampshire will implement a new system to keep track of evidence in sexual assault cases after finding that nearly 600 rape kits had not been submitted to the state crime lab.

The Executive Council on Wednesday approved a $104,000 federal grant for a Justice Department position and automated system to track the handling of sexual assault kits. When the state applied for the grant in May, there were 582 kits in more than 90 police departments that hadn't been sent to the lab.

What a week: The New Hampshire Legislature convened and quickly engaged in a floor fight over whether state representatives can carry guns in the House chambers. A day later, Gov. Chris Sununu was sworn in. He delivered an hour-long inaugural speech outlining 2019 goals.