The town of Rollinsford holds a forum Monday night on long-standing concerns about its drinking water. 


Residents in the local water-sewer district say their tapwater is often discolored or has a chemical smell.


The water comes from three local wells and runs through six miles of pipe, some of which dates to the late 1800s. 


An engineering analysis says the system could need millions of dollars in new infrastructure and treatment. 


Courtesy of Chad Witko

Back in January, NHPR ran a story about Kevin, a sandhill crane who was melting hearts in the town of Rollinsford. Despite a leg injury and freezing temperatures, the bird was living its best life in this small town.

With the warmer weather and longer days, Kevin now appears to have flown the coop, leaving behind many a brokenhearted resident.

Courtesy of Chad Witko

Rollinsford doesn’t attract many high profile visitors. It’s a rural community on the New Hampshire-Maine border, with a small downtown and modest houses along Main Street. Perhaps the quiet appeal of the place is to thank, in part, for why a rare bird has taken up residence there.