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Shifting Household Dynamics In A Pandemic

Jul 30, 2020
Cori Princell; NHPR

The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone indoors, where we're in much closer quarters with our families, spouses, and roommates. Without external escapes, daily annoyances can become exasperating and tensions can run high. We chat about how we can address the shifting dynamics in our households and better communicate with each other. For those that live alone, we discuss the ways that isolation can impact us and how to find community remotely. 

Air date: Thursday, July 30, 2020

Gail Frederick/flickr

Whether you’re religious or not, Spring is a time of rebirth. We talk with faith leaders and philosophers about how they find resilience and connection while facing the grief and loss of this time. Let us know how you have been celebrating your faith, exploring spirituality or simply finding strength during this pandemic.

Airdate: Monday, April 13, 2010

Is 2020 The Year of Resilience?

Jan 7, 2020
Jim Salge

Northeasterners, notably New Yorkers, have it. Westerners, including Californians, much less so. Resilience is now a top priority of the World Health Organization and an increasingly important component of our own health and wellness. One of the authors of a new, national study from Everyday Health, joins us to define resilience and discuss what it takes to increase our capacity.

Joanne Glode / Nature Conservancy

New Hampshire’s coastal towns are beginning to think about adapting to climate change. It’ll mean finding new ways to protect critical pieces of infrastructure from rising seas, heavier rains and stronger storms.

NHPR’s Annie Ropeik has this story of the lessons from a major road project in Newmarket that’s one of the first in the state to focus on climate resilience.