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Pease Air National Guard

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The Air Force says it will study whether people stationed at Pease Air Base in recent decades got cancer at unusually high rates.

Former service members have been calling for a study like this for more than a year.

F-16s Virginia with KC-135R New Hampshire via Wikimedia Commons

As relations between the United States and Iran remain tense, New Hampshire's military personnel and veterans are also considering the implications for the two nations.

New Hampshire veteran Kevin Grady spent 25 years in the Air Force. He says nobody dislikes going to war more than those in uniform.

"Because we're the ones who have to go out and do the actual fighting" Grady says. "So we always are big fans of somebody figuring out a way that the shooting doesn't start, and we get by our differences and move on. We're big fans of that."


Pease Air National Guard Base in Newington was placed briefly on lockdown late Tuesday morning after multiple reports of what sounded like gunfire.

Lt. Col. Gregory Heilshorn said the lockdown order was lifted and an all-clear signal given around 12:40 p.m.,  after law enforcement officers swept buildings and responded  it was cleared.

Heilshorn did not have additional information to release regarding the cause of the gunshot sounds -- the Guard later said no gun shots were fired.

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Pease Air National Guard Base said goodbye to the oldest individual plane in the U.S. military’s inventory Sunday.

Hundreds gathered to watch the end of an era, as an old KC-135 Stratotanker mid-air refueling plane took off from the base in Portsmouth for the last time.

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Veterans and families who lived and worked at the former Pease Air Force Base want the government to begin collecting data about their disease rates and possible ties to chemical exposures on the installation.   

At a forum in an aircraft hangar Friday, dozens of people stood at a microphone and told an Air National Guard colonel about their health problems and their experiences at the base.

Two subcontractors have sued the company fired by the New Hampshire National Guard for what it called substandard work on hangars at Pease Air National Guard Base.

In separate filings, B.L. Mechanical of Uxbridge, Mass., and Piquette & Howard Electrical Service of Plaistow, N.H., have sued Cutter Enterprises of Connecticut and its insurance company, claiming that they owe money for work performed in 2015 and 2016.

Cutter was fired in December 2016 for what National Guard officials say was slow progress and poor quality work on two aircraft hangars.