old home day

Josh Rogers | NHPR

Hundreds of state lawmakers - past, present, and maybe future - gathered for lunch on the State House lawn Thursday. Legislative Old Home Day was, for many, a highlight of the celebration marking the 200th anniversary of the State House.

Nate via flickr Creative Commons

In August, NH towns celebrate "Old Home Days."  Forest Society founders, Frank Rollins and Nahum Batchelder conceived "Old Home Week” in 1899. It was designed to lure wealth back to NH to revitalize depressed rural economies and bring abandoned farms back onto tax rolls.

NHPR / Michael Brindley

Towns across the Granite State will be celebrating Old Home Day in the coming weeks.

Residents lined Main Street in Pittsfield on Saturday for the town’s annual Old Home Day parade.

Longtime Pittsfield resident Tammy Colby says the day is a chance for community members both past and present to come together.

“People who have moved away or kids who have grown up come back to Old Home Day. They remember things from when they were little or they’re visiting grandma and grandpa. It’s just a nice way to get everybody together again.”