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Sitio de vacunación masiva en Loudon funcionará de sábado a lunes a modalidad drive through y con cita previa 

Home in a winter storm in Portsmouth.
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The state is set to begin distributing millions of dollars in additional aid for tenants who are struggling to pay housing costs because of COVID-19. As the state finalizes new guidelines for what the assistance can be used for, and how people can apply, we check in on what we've learned from the previous housing assistance package. What have we learned about that program, and how will this shape the next year? 

This program begins March 15, and details about the program are available through the N.H. Housing Finance Authority. 

Air date: Thursday, February 25, 2021. 

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Hoy vamos a contarte un poco de lo que sucede en New Hampshire, y luego te compartimos una conversación con la doctora Melissa Martínez Adorno sobre su experiencia luego de la segunda dosis de la vacuna.

Sununu in poll line
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En Diciembre se han dado más fallecimientos por COVID-19 que en cualquier otro mes en New Hampshire

Los funcionarios de salud anunciaron 20 [veinte] nuevos fallecimientos por COVID-19 el martes. 


New Hampshire Legal Assistance announced Tuesday that Sarah Mattson Dustin will become the organization's new executive director.

Mattson Dustin graduated from Harvard Law School and currently serves as the policy director for the New Hampshire Women's Foundation.

She calls it an incredible honor to take on the new responsibility. Last year, New Hampshire Legal Assistance says it assisted nearly 6,400  low-income and elderly Granite Staters in need of legal help.


The New Hampshire District Court has struck down Manchester's anti-panhandling ordinance, concluding the law violated the First Amendment. Under the ordinance, people were not allowed to accept charitable contributions from motor vehicles, even if they stayed out of the roadway.


Elliot Berry, from New Hampshire Legal Assistance, was a representing attorney in the case.

Berry says the federal court decision calls into question the constitutionality of similar ordinances in Concord, Somersworth and Rochester.    

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In an opinion piece for the Washington Post in September, Orleans Public Defender Tina Peng wrote, “because we don’t have enough lawyers on staff, the week I passed the bar in 2013, I began representing people facing mandatory life sentences on felony charges.” Her caseload is double the maximum recommended by the American Bar Association; high turnover means after two years on the job, she’s one of the more senior attorneys on staff.

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  Under pressure from federal regulators Berlin has changed a housing ordinance that could unintentionally result in victims of domestic violence being evicted from their homes for calling the police for help…

The ordinance that concerned federal regulators required landlords to evict tenants if the tenants were cited at least three times for being disorderly.

The idea was to reduce problems at some rental properties.

But victims of domestic violence were not specifically excluded.