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Mount Washington Observatory

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The Mount Washington Observatory is moving exhibits from its now-closed Weather Discovery Center in North Conway to the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord.

A few exhibits will move to the observatory's museum on top of the mountain, but most will find a new home in Concord, including the "Shaky Shack", the replica of the 1930s-era Observatory staff's mountain-top cabin in which the highest human-observed surface wind speed on Earth was recorded in 1934.

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The Mount Washington Observatory says its resident cat, Marty, died this weekend after a sudden illness.

He was a black Maine Coon cat who spent twelve years at the summit facility, which has had cats as mousers and companions since it opened nearly a century ago.

Observatory operations manager Rebecca Scholand said the mountaintop was Marty’s full-time home, and he had the run of it, inside and outside.

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Two of the big players on the Northeast's highest mountain - the Mount Washington Observatory and the Cog Railway – are taking each other to court.

At issue is a 2009 agreement that lets Cog riders visit the nonprofit Observatory's museum for free. In exchange, it says the Cog will pay the Observatory a dollar per visitor.


The Mount Washington Observatory celebrated an anniversay on Friday. It's been 85 years since observers recorded a 231-mile-per-hour wind speed on the mountaintop.

Eric Kelsey is the Director of Research at the Mount Washington Observatory.

He says first-hand accounts from the researchers give a glimpse of that April day in 1934. 

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The Mount Washington Observatory is holding an open house to celebrate the 85th anniversary of its record-breaking 231 mph wind speed.

Events are scheduled for 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday at its Weather Discovery Center in North Conway.

At noon, there will be a special presentation on "The Story of the Big Wind" presented by staff scientists. There also will be two live video connections to the observatory's mountaintop weather station allowing visitors to meet weather observers and to see what is happening in real time on Mount Washington.

Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast, recorded its first snowfall of the season this past weekend.

The Mount Washington Observatory tweeted over the weekend the region's tallest peak recorded its first measurable snow.


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Mount Washington Observatory

The Mount Washington Observatory reported early Saturday that the summit tied for second-coldest place on earth, at a brisk -36 degrees Fahrenheit.

It was just 2 degrees from the coldest locations, Yakutsk, Russia, and Eureka, Nunavut, which recorded -38, according to the weather observer.

At 6,288 feet, Mount Washington is "home of the world's worst weather," as it is celebrated by the observatory, a non-profit organization.