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Manchester police officers are getting new training that covers use of force, implicit bias, cultural responsiveness, and ethics.

This portion of the training focuses on patrol tactics, and includes scenarios such as de-escalation, active shooter response, armed barricaded subject, officer down rescue, interior suspect search, exterior suspect search and felony motor vehicle stops.

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The City of Manchester says it has paid a disgraced former police officer $181,700, ending a years-long battle between the municipality and Aaron Brown, who was fired for sending racist text messages.

City officials say the payment was made on November 20, less than two weeks after the Board of Aldermen approved the transfer of funds.

People in New Hampshire and across the country are having renewed conversations about police reform and the role of law enforcement.

NHPR's Morning Edition Host Rick Ganley recently sat down with Manchester's new police chief, Allen Aldenberg, to talk about how his department is responding in this moment.


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El contagio comunitario de COVID-19 se encuentra en niveles sustanciales en todos los condados de New Hampshire

The 2020 general election is November 3. A sign that says "vote" in capital letters sits in a yard.
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Funcionarios reportan datos actualizados de COVID: 53 nuevos casos, 2 fallecimientos, 20 hospitalizaciones y 500 casos activos en el estado.

Los funcionarios de salud de New Hampshire anunciaron dos fallecimientos más por COVID-19 y 53 [cincuenta y tres] nuevos casos identificados el martes. 


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Estado comparte información actualizada de casos de COVID-19 en New Hampshire

Manchester PD

Exactly a year ago today, someone fired six bullets into a tidy yellow house with dark shutters in Manchester. Two more shots struck a car parked outside the house.

An arbitrator has ruled for a second time that the Manchester Police Department is required to provide a fired police officer with substantial back pay.

The department fired Aaron Brown in 2018 after an internal investigation found racist text messages from his department-issued cell phone. There were also messages in which he claimed to have intentionally damaged property while executing search warrants.

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All Manchester Police officers will be wearing body cameras by the end of December. The department is hoping the new technology will improve transparency and public trust.

Officers will be able to record both audio and video when interacting with civilians.

Chief Carlo Capano says the cameras will help with looking into complaints against his department.

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Manchester Police Chief Carl Capano says he's rolling out a new way to grant paid days off to officers for exceptional service.

The policy, called "employee incentive days," will replace the practice of "chief days," which came under fire last year, when an internal audit revealed that police chiefs had rewarded officers with paid days off for nearly two decades without a clear system for doing so.

A man considered a suspect in connection with spray-painted swastikas found at a New Hampshire park gazebo and on a car has turned himself in to police.

Manchester police had issued a warrant for 19-year-old Jamal Gray, of Manchester. They said Gray turned himself in to police headquarters on Friday afternoon. It wasn't immediately known if he had a lawyer.

Police said the swastikas were found late last month. There also were other reports of graffiti spray-painted on a door and other vehicles.




The Manchester Police Department has been ordered to develop a better policy on granting police paid days off.


Major Joyce Craig ordered an internal audit into the practice of so-called "chief days" this summer. Those are paid days off for police personnel that do not count toward vacation time.


The audit found that 466 "chief days" had been awarded since 2009, but it did not reveal the amount of money it cost the city.


Manchester Police


Manchester police arrested and charged a city man with three counts of attempted murder after an officer-involved shooting Thursday night.

Police said 29-year-old Justin McInnes, who was wanted on several warrants, began to flee and got into a car and accelerated toward officers outside an apartment building on the West Side. Officers fired at the vehicle and narrowly escaped getting hit, police said. Officers apprehended him nearby when the car failed or broke down.


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Some groups in New Hampshire, including the ACLU, are arguing that the names on a state-wide list of police officers with credibility issues should be released to the public.

Local police chiefs place officers on what's commonly referred to as the "Laurie List" after internal investigators determine that their credibility has been harmed by committing a crime, lying, or other inappropriate actions. 

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Two Manchester police officers filed a lawsuit this week against the New Hampshire Department of Safety’s commissioner and a gun shop in Derry.

Officers Ryan Hardy and Matthew O’Connor were shot by 34-year-old Ian MacPherson in May of 2016.

The officers say the department and shop failed to do the proper background checks to stop MacPherson from buying the gun used in the shooting.

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Two New Hampshire police officers who were shot and wounded in 2016 by a man who pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity have sued the state Department of Safety commissioner and a gun shop, saying they were negligent in allowing him to buy a gun.

The lawsuit filed by Manchester officers Ryan Hardy and Matthew O'Connor says the department received information from police that Ian MacPherson was disqualified from possessing a gun a week before he got one from Chester Arms.

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The city of Manchester is getting a new police chief.

Chief Nick Willard has been appointed by President Donald Trump as the next U.S. marshal for New Hampshire.

And now Carlo Capano will take over as chief of police in Manchester on July 1st. He’s served as assistant chief of the department for the past three years. All Things Considered Host Peter Biello spoke with Capano about taking over this new position.

  Two former Manchester police officers who were fired earlier this year are facing a criminal investigation.


The Manchester Police Department says it took swift action and terminated officers Aaron Brown and Darren Murphy following an internal investigation.


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New Hampshire's largest city is getting a new police chief.

Carlo Capano will take over as chief of police in Manchester on July 1. He currently is assistant chief of the department.

Chief Nick Willard is retiring. He has been appointed by President Donald Trump as the next U.S. marshal for New Hampshire.

Capano has been assistant chief since 2015. He started with the department in 1996.


  Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig has nominated Assistant Chief Carlo Capano to be the Queen City's next Chief of Police.


Current Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard was recently nominated to become the next U.S. Marshal for New Hampshire.


Capano would then be bumped up to Chief as long as his nomination is approved by the Manchester Board of Aldermen.


The police chief in New Hampshire's largest city says two officers have been fired, with one arrested on a misconduct charge.

Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard says the officers were terminated Wednesday.

He said Aaron Brown was employed with the department since July 2007. He had been on paid leave since Feb. 20. Willard said a criminal investigation would be initiated into Brown's actions.

Willard said Steven Cornacchia was arrested last year on a charge of conduct after an accident. His case is pending. He has been with the department since April 2013.

A police department in a New Hampshire city is creating a new unit aimed at preventing the escalation of gang violence in Manchester.

Manchester police say they've identified members of multiple different gangs, and took community leaders and federal officials on a bus tour Wednesday to highlight areas of gang activity. WMUR-TV reports the new Gang Prevention Unit was established at the urging of community policing officers.

Police Chief Nick Willard says he was shocked by the level of activity in the city, but his officers care deeply about finding a solution.

  New Hampshire authorities announced an arrest Wednesday night in the homicide death of a 2-year-old Manchester boy.

Attorney General Gordon MacDonald and Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard said that Mark Heath of Manchester was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the death of Jacob Pelletier.

Heath, 32, with a given address of 51 Howe St., second floor, allegedly caused the boy's death "by inflicting blunt force trauma to his abdomen," according to the charges cited by the AG.