Laurie's List

The New Hampshire Legislature will consider a couple of bills this year to ensure certain disciplinary records of police officers are subject to the state's right-to-know law. At issue is something called the "Laurie's List," a list of current or former law enforcement officers who have had disciplinary issues and may not be deemed trustworthy to testify in a court proceeding.

State Rep. Paul Berch, a Democrat from Westmoreland and retired public defender, is a co-sponsor of two bills, House Bill 153 and House Bill 155. Morning Edition Host Rick Ganley spoke with Berch about the intent of his legislation. 

Lawyers for a group of newspapers and the ACLU of New Hampshire were in Superior Court on Thursday calling for the release of a secret list of police officers who may have credibility issues. The N.H Attorney General’s office is fighting the release of the so-called “Laurie List,” saying it would violate current state law.