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International Students

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With a new federal immigration regulation, international students at Dartmouth College are unsure what this coming school year will look like for them.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced on Monday that international students can’t take a full online course load this year and remain in the U.S.

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The University of New Hampshire and SNHU, along with dozens of other colleges and universities, are defending a program that has helped attract international students.

The optional practical training work permit program allows international students to temporarily work in the United States after their graduation, and it's being threatened by a federal lawsuit.

A tech workers union in Washington State filed the lawsuit in 2016. The group wants to block recent extensions in time limits for international students working in science and technology fields. 

UNH Seeks to Attract China's Best and Brightest Students

Jun 11, 2018


The University of New Hampshire has unveiled a program designed to attract Chinese students with high scores on a national exam in China.

The gaokao is the nation's rigorous college entrance exam administered in June over two days. Nearly 10 million students are set to take the exam this year.

Chinese high school graduates would have to submit their gaokao scores, take an English test, undergo a video interview and submit their transcripts.

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A new lodging option opens next week in North Conway. But instead of booking summer vacationers, owner George Wu says he’s marketing to a different group: International Student Workers.