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1. Live Blog: House Votes 199-164 To Kill Casino Bill

Reporter Michael Brindley was live at the State House on Wednesday as the casino bill came up before the full House, and was ultimately voted down.

2. State Says No Evidence Of Air Pollution In Balsams Fire

Michael Brindley / NHPR

1.  Supporters, Critics Of Sen. Ayotte Clash At Town Hall Meeting

At a Town Hall Meeting in Tilton on Tuesday, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte field roughly a dozen questions from the audience, on topics ranging from immigration to Benghazi. But none dealt directly with her recent vote against expanded background checks for gun sales, a measure that failed in the Senate.

A Day In The Life Of An NHPR Intern

Apr 26, 2013
Logan Shannon

What’s a typical day like for the Word of Mouth intern at NHPR? I’m so glad you asked. (And even if you didn’t ask, I’m sure my mom and dad will be interested, so it's cool.)


Having really accurate clocks all over the place can make a person like me who hates being late and is mildly obsessed with numbers a little anxious. For example: I try really hard to walk into the Word of Mouth pod at exactly 8:30:00. Sadly, it has yet to happen. I’m either too early, or in this case, a wee bit late.


Todd Bookman / NHPR

New Hampshire Public Radio was awarded 2013 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards (for Region 10, Small Market) in three categories: Writing, News Documentary, and Use of Sound/Video.

Best Writing: Todd Bookman - Traditional Pork Production Finds Home In N.H.

On Edward Epsen’s farm in Salisbury, New Hampshire, around 40 pigs are doing what lucky pigs get to do: forage for acorns and graze in pastures high with Timothy grass.

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1. NH News: New Boston: 250 Years In The Making

New Boston is a town that sounds like it could or should be in Massachusetts, and at one time, it actually was. In the 1730s Boston proprietors were granted a charter to the town, but never did much with it, mostly because of the presence of Native Americans in the area. By 1741, when new borders were drawn up New Boston became part of New Hampshire.

Sara Plourde / NHPR

1. NH News: Video: N.H. Roads: How We Got Here

As lawmakers consider raising the state's gas tax, you may be wondering: are New Hampshire's roads getting worse? Why are they getting harder to pay for? And, does it really matter if we have a few more potholes? NHPR's newsroom answers those questions with a 3-minute animation.

Todd Bookman / NHPR

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1. North Country: More Details On Balsams Renovation And A Step Forward

When the $30 million renovation of the Balsams Grand Resort is complete it will look a lot like the old grand hotel but will feature much-needed modern amenities making it far nicer for guests and a lot  cheaper to operate.

Sean Hurley, NHPR

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1. Word of Mouth: The Autism Simulator

Last month, Vancouver hosted the Hacking Health Weekend Hackathon, a place for collaboration between technology experts and health officials from across Canada. A team of three in attendance created a game simulation that elicits understanding and empathy towards those suffering from autism.

Logan Shannon via Rob Fleischman's Brain

1.  Word of Mouth: Digital Cash Finds Foothold In NH

A digital currency is getting traction with New Hampshire residents looking for an alternative to the dollar: the Bitcoin, a "decentralized digital currency."

2.  Word of Mouth: D.I.Y. Sistine Chapel Security: How To Build Your Own Faraday Cage

Emily Corwin / NHPR

Sara Plourde / NHPR

1. The Exchange: New Fiction Of 2013

For our special March Fund Drive kick-off, we bring you an extra program with our "Book Buffs." Two New Hampshire independent booksellers talk about the latest literary offerings, including some from New England authors.

2. Environment: Another Wind Farm Eyes The Lakes Region

Courtesy Photo / SustainX

1. Environment: Who Needs Batteries? Seacoast Firm Stores Energy With Air

Solar and wind power are intermittent, and if enough of them are powering the grid, some kind of storage will be necessary. And storage means batteries, right? Not necessarily. In Seabrook New Hampshire, a start-up is doing it with compressed air.

Michael Brindley/NHPR

1. NH News: Gun Owners Cite Constitutional Rights In Objection To Open Carry Bill

Gun owners came out to the capitol in force Thursday to object to a bill that would make it illegal to open carry a pistol or revolver in a public building without a permit.

2. Environment: Reaping What Winter Sows: The Ice Harvest

Sara Plourde, NHPR

1. NH News: Storm Makes Its Arrival, Drops Nearly Two Feet Of Snow On N.H.

Last weekend's storm brought a whole lot of snow but few major problems for New Hampshire. The NHPR newsroom covered the entirety of the storm with photos and updates from around the state.

2. Health: The Battle Against ‘Chemical Restraints’ Inside Nursing Homes

NHPR's Trivia Smackdown

Feb 6, 2013

Final Smackdown Standings


1. Environment: A Decade Of Deregulation

Prior to 2001, New Hampshire utilities built power lines, supplied electricity and simply passed along the cost to consumers. But that all changed a little more than a decade ago as most New England states chose to deregulate, meaning utilities had to sell their power plants, and just be in charge of operating power lines.

Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

Sean Hurley

1. The Exchange: Flu Fever Hits The Granite State

The influenza season started much earlier this year and the strain is considered more severe.  Many worry how much of a toll this will take. In New Hampshire, at least twenty people have died from the flu already.

2. Arts & Culture: Running Through Time On The Sandwich Notch Rd.

Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

1. Environment: The White Mountains: Training Ground For The Greats

Conditions in New Hampshire’s White Mountains are notoriously harsher than their altitude suggests. But for World Class mountaineers this makes the Whites a perfect training ground.

2. Environment: Innovation Comes To Ice Fishing

Todd Bookman / NHPR

1. Health: The Alzheimer’s Café: Unforgettable Therapy

Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia can be devastating illnesses for not only the patient, but for the caregiver. It strips away memory…sometimes dignity…and can isolate even an extrovert over time.

There’s no cure for the brain disorder, but now, some are finding relief through regular gatherings at The Alzheimer’s Café

Michael Brindley, NHPR

1. NH News: N.H.’s New DUI Law Covering Prescription Drugs Goes Into Effect Jan. 1

Starting  Jan. 1, driving under the influence of prescription drugs, over the counter medications or any other chemical substances is a crime in New Hampshire.

2. Politics: Live Blog: Gubernatorial Inauguration

Steve McFarland / NPR

Ask Me Another is a rambunctious hour that blends brainteasers and local pub trivia night with comedy and music. Host Ophira Eisenberg invites in-studio guests and listeners alike to stretch their noggins, tickle their funny bones, and enjoy witty banter and guitar riffs from house musician Jonathan Coulton. Ask Me Another starts January 13 and airs Sundays at 2 pm.

Justice & Journalism: A Joint Project of NHPR & UNH School of Law 

New Hampshire Public Radio and the UNH School of Law have come together to bring you a new series in the Capital Region.  This ongoing series will present a range of speakers throughout the year to discuss the intersection of justice and journalism and share experiences related to the media’s coverage of public policy and law.

We sit down with NHPR president and CEO Betsy Gardella. In addition to leading this public radio station, Gardella also serves on NPR’s board of directors and has been active in discussions about the future of public-broadcast funding. We’ll talk with her about that, as well as a new broadcast schedule, additions to our newsroom and new opportunities for our website and mobile app.


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