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Funcionarios reportan nuevos casos y nuevos fallecimientos mientras continúan en primera fase de vacunación

Los funcionarios de salud de New Hampshire reportaron 797 [setecientos noventa y siete] nuevos casos de COVID-19 el domingo.

ICU nurse gets COVID-19 vaccine shot in Manchester
Jordyn Haime / NHPR

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Trabajadores de hospital se vacunan mientras contagios y hospitalizaciones aumentan en New Hampshire

Los trabajadores de la salud de mayor riesgo en New Hampshire están empezando a obtener sus vacunas para el COVID-19, pero la pandemia continúa empeorando.

Jordyn Haime

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Algunos trabajadores de la salud fueron los primeros en ponerse la vacuna para el COVID-19

Trabajadores de la salud de mayor riesgo, en el Elliot Hospital en Manchester, fueron de las primeras personas en New Hampshire en recibir la vacuna para el COVID-19 ayer martes. 

Ellen Grimm for NHPR

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Estado reduce días de cuarentena para los que se exponen al COVID

Los funcionarios de salud anunciaron el jueves que New Hampshire reducirá el periodo de cuarentena recomendado para los que han estado expuestos al COVID-19.

Ellen Grimm for NHPR

Last month, 13 mayors sent Governor Chris Sununu an open letter requesting a new statewide plan to address homelessness.  Sununu has since established a Council on Housing Stability to take up the task. Meanwhile, for those on the front lines of this issue, worries are mounting as winter approaches amid a pandemic. We discuss what contributes to this problem -- and some possible solutions, both short-and long-term.

Airdate: Dec. 3, 2020

State Dismantles Homeless Encampment in Manchester

Nov 20, 2020
Carol Robidoux / Manchester Inklink

The state-owned property at the county courthouse on Chestnut Street in Manchester was being cleared of campers and their belongings Friday, and a fence erected around it. The campers had been growing in numbers all summer, with more than 40 tents on both sides of the building.

Troopers came in a convoy and assembled across the street in the parking lot of the federal building around 7:15 a.m. Some early risers from the camp were the first alert system.

picture of tents on lawn outside courthouse
Todd Bookman/NHPR

Homelessness is often an invisible issue, with people living under bridges, in the woods or alongside railroad tracks.

But that’s not been the case in Manchester recently.

Photo of man holding sign that says the people demand housing
Todd Bookman/NHPR

On the day state officials are scheduled to clear out a homeless encampment in Manchester, a group of protestors turned out in support of people experiencing homelessness who for months have stayed on the lawn of the Hillsborough County Superior Courthouse.

Photo of tent with other tents around it.
Todd / Todd Bookman/NHPR

It’s a desperate scene outside the Hillsborough County Superior Courthouse, with November weather not helping.

Approximately two dozen tents are clustered between the sidewalk and edge of the courthouse, a pop-up homeless encampment just a block from Manchester’s main commercial street. As rain falls, people who have called this space a temporary home since the summer are making plans to move on.

Courtesy of Dan Goonan

Manchester officials and the state are once again sparring over how to fund homelessness response efforts in the city.

Todd Bookman / NHPR

Tuesday night’s cold snap filled many of New Hampshire’s homeless shelters, and some had to turn people away.

Hundred Nights in Keene had just opened the doors of their cold weather shelter on Monday.

Todd Bookman / NHPR

City and police officials in Manchester are reporting an increase in the city's homeless population.

The organization Families in Transition - New Horizons works to provide services to homeless people in Mancehster. This includes temporary shelter or housing.

Cathy Kuhn is the vice president of research and training for Families in Transition - New Horizons. She spoke with NHPR's Morning Edition Host Rick Ganley about what she's seeing as a result of the increase in homelessness in Manchester.

3 N.H. Mayors Announce Homelessness Coalition

Feb 12, 2018
Casey McDermott /NHPR

  The mayors of three cities in New Hampshire have come together to create a regional commission to address homelessness.

Somersworth Mayor Dana Hilliard formally released the mission of the Tri-City Joint Task Force on Homelessness on Friday. Foster's Daily Democrat reports the first step for the task force will be to create a master plan that outlines how Dover, Somersworth and Rochester can create a more robust homeless shelter for the region.

Casey McDermott, NHPR

Over the last few weeks, a coalition of community groups and city leaders in Rochester set up an impromptu warming center as a last-ditch effort to give homeless residents a safe place to go during the recent cold snap. With this week’s warmer weather, the center’s set to close at noon Thursday. But for many, the need for stable housing isn't going away.

A public housing complex for people who are chronically homeless could open in Rochester later this year.

Last year, a doctor in Rochester donated her old medical office building to the Rochester Housing Authority.

Stacey Price, director of the housing authority, says they’re hoping to transform the space into 8 housing units for people who are chronically homeless.

Casey McDermott, NHPR

Thursday night was the longest night of the year – and also a cold one, with temperatures dipping well below freezing. With this in mind, Catholic Medical Center's Health Care for the Homeless convened a vigil in Manchester's Veterans Park to remember the more than 50 people who died in the past year because they had no place to go on nights like this.

Todd Bookman / NHPR

A new report from a federal housing agency singled out New Hampshire as one of the states that saw the largest increase in homelessness among families with children. 


A recent count of New Hampshire’s homeless population found it's on the decline, but that’s not the case everywhere in the state.

That overall state drop – reported by the New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness – was felt in every county of the state, except for one: Cheshire County.

Flikr / Quinet

   The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services is going to conduct their annual point-in-time count to identify people experiencing homelessness.

The department's Bureau of Homeless and Housing Services will determine the number of sheltered and unsheltered people for a 24-hour period Wednesday.

The count is based on information reported from city and town welfare offices, homeless shelters, police and fire departments, faith-based organizations, outreach workers and other groups serving people and youth experiencing homelessness.

No Place To Go: Homeless At The P.K. Motel

Aug 4, 2016
Jack Rodolico

It’s nearly impossible to say how many homeless people there are in New Hampshire. And the biggest reason is that most people without a home in this state aren’t on the street or in shelters—they actually have a roof over their heads.

Some sleep on couches, and some rent rooms by the week at a place like the P.K. Motel in Effingham.

This story is the last installment in a special series on homelessness. Click here to see and listen to all the stories

Natasha Haverty

Drive the highway between Manchester and Concord, and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the tarps and tents lining sections of the Merrimack River and the train tracks. When winter shelters close, homeless people find refuge outdoors, in public—but that’s an act that’s often against the law.


And with no unified policy to work with, New Hampshire’s city officials and homeless residents tend it to make it up as they go.

This past winter a car struck and killed a homeless man in Concord. His name was Gene Parker - he lived on the streets for five years and in that time his friends and advocates fought hard to get him into an apartment. But he died before that could happen.


Parker’s story is brutal, but it also says a lot about why it’s so hard to pull someone like him out of homelessness.

Todd Bookman / NHPR


The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services is coordinating a one-day count to identify the number of homeless people in the state.

The goal on Wednesday is to report the number of sheltered and unsheltered people in a 24-hour period.

Last January, New Hampshire reported 2,158 homeless individuals across the state. Of that number, 1,370 were sheltered, 262 were unsheltered, and 526 people were temporarily residing with family or friends. The total of 2,210 includes 393 families.

Ben McLeod / Flickr Creative Commons


Residents of a neighborhood in Exeter have taken their fight to block a homeless assistance center from relocating into the area to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

The Portsmouth Herald reports residents along Exeter Farms Road and Hunter Place say that property values of their homes would diminish and their safety would be jeopardized if the Seacoast Family Promise facility moved into their neighborhood.

Manchester Homeless Service Center Set to Close

Jun 16, 2015
hotblack / Morguefile

The Manchester Homeless Service Center is getting ready to close at the end of this month.

The shelter accepts all comers—people with or without substance abuse problems. It serves about 70 people a day, and that number doubles during colder months.

It had been struggling financially since private foundations cut funding earlier this year.

Child and Family Services

As the temperature dips below freezing tonight, activists and business leaders will sleep outside in Manchester’s Stanton Park to raise money and awareness for youth homelessness.

The timing is no coincidence. Manchester’s daytime homeless shelter recently slashed its hours due to lack of funding. The city is also considering a panhandling ban.

Cathy Schmidt, CEO of McLane Law Firm, says her headlamp and sleeping bag are packed.

Hanibaael via Flickr Creative Commons


The Bureau of Homeless and Housing Services in New Hampshire's Health Department is holding a count to identify the number of homeless people within a 24-hour period.

The count on Wednesday is a combined effort between three local groups that work with the homeless in Nashua, Manchester and elsewhere and coordinate with the New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness.

New Hampshire is getting more than $6.6 million in grants to support 68 homeless housing and service programs in the state.

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development grants cover street outreach, client assessment, and direct housing assistance.

The funding also will allow local providers to continue offering permanent and transitional housing to homeless people, as well as job training, health care, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and child care.

Homelessness In New Hampshire

Jan 12, 2015
ashleigh290 / Flickr/CC

A recent report shows that the overall population is down, but the problem persists and has even increased among certain groups including veterans.  Now, with diverse efforts across the state to help the homeless, there is active discussion, and some disagreement, within communities about the best approach.


A nonprofit organization seeking to open a day center for the homeless in an Exeter neighborhood has appealed a decision by the town zoning board rejecting its application.

Seacoast Family Promise currently operates out of the Stratham Community Church, but the group says it has outgrown its space.

The day center in Exeter would provide training, medical, and social services.

Neighbors raised concerns about whether the center would reduce property values and impact neighborhood safety.