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Hannah Duston

Re-Assessing the Legend of Hannah Duston

Jul 31, 2020
Craig Michaud

Just as the Black Lives Matter movement inspired a re-consideration of Confederate statues, Native Americans are now calling for a closer look at the history of Hannah Duston’s statue in Boscawen. Her tale of native slaughter made her a colonial era heroine, but controversial in our time. Now there are efforts underway to expand the story to include Abenaki history.

Airdate: Monday, August 3, 2020

Andree Reno Sanborn / Flickr/CC

We’re sitting down with author Jay Atkinson to talk about his new book, ‘Massacre on the Merrimack’ - which takes on the Hannah Duston story.

This program was originally broadcast on 9/29/15.


Hannah Duston Historic Site Will Keep Its Name For Now

Jan 14, 2014
Craig Michaud via Wikicommons

Republican state representative Gene Charron of Chester has withdrawn a bill that would have changed the name of the Hannah Duston State Historic Memorial Site in Boscawen to the Contoocook Island State Historic Site.