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Fish and Game Department

A New Hampshire Fish and Game conservation officer was seriously injured Saturday while conducting speed enforcement in Dummer. 

Shortly before 5 p.m., Officer Matthew Holmes was trying to stop two off-highway recreational vehicles that were speeding when he was struck from behind by another OHRV that was also speeding, according to the Fish and Game Department. 

Holmes was thrown from his ATV and landed several feet away. Several other riders stopped to render first aid.

An Update on N.H.'s Bear Population

May 7, 2019
Courtesy of Kilham Bear Center

After several years of abundant natural foods, such as acorns, berries or apples, bears in New Hampshire are emerging  from dens this spring skinny, hungry, and forced to forage farther afield for food. We look at the impact of the recent scarcity of food, and the likelihood that it might increase human-bear interactions. Bear rehabilitator Ben Kilham of the Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, N.H., says he has taken in over 70 orphaned cubs, an unprecedented number. And we discuss the incredible journey of Mink, the troublesome "Hanover Bear" who was relocated to the North Country, but has been tracked travelling south. 

Annie Ropeik / NHPR

The state is working to reduce water pollution from its largest fish hatchery, in the Lakes Region, while planning for long-term upgrades.

This week, New Hampshire Fish and Game will move 50,000 salmon from its Powder Mill Hatchery to a federal hatchery in Nashua.

The move has been in the works since late last year but was delayed due to the partial government shutdown.

A. Schafermeyer via NHFG

New Hampshire residents can fish for free without a license Saturday.

The state Fish & Game Department holds these free fishing days every year, in summer and winter.

Inland fisheries program supervisor Scott Decker says the experience at this time of year is a little different.

“You’re actually able to walk on the water,” he says.

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Conflicts between bears and humans in New Hampshire almost doubled this past year with about 800 reported encounters.

Morning Edition Host Rick Ganley spoke with Andrew Timmins, a bear biologist for the N.H. Fish & Game Department, about this increase.

Scott Reynolds

Only a couple of dozen bats spent this past winter in New Hampshire.

That’s down from thousands a decade ago, before a fungus called white nose syndrome decimated many species’ populations in 2009.

Biologist Scott Reynolds says since then, the mine shafts where bats used to hibernate in large numbers have been pretty empty.

But white nose has also subsided in New Hampshire.

Now, Reynolds says recovery for the species hit hardest, such as little brown bats, is just beginning.

Annie Ropeik / NHPR

Spring in New Hampshire means black bears are emerging from their dens to search for food – including around your backyard bird feeder.

And warming winters are bringing the bears out sooner. So state officials now want people to bring in their bird feeders earlier than ever.

Kelly Dwyer lives in a big, airy house nestled up against the woods in Hooksett. Being back here, she says, has its perks:

“The surprise of what is going to show up that day – what’s going to fly in or walk in – it’s really exciting,” she says. “And just the peace and tranquility.”

Moose Hunt Lottery Opens in New Hampshire

Jan 29, 2018
USFWS David Govtaski

  The moose hunt lottery is now open in New Hampshire.

The 2018 applications must be postmarked or submitted online by midnight on May 25, or delivered to the licensing office at the Fish and Game Department headquarters in Concord before 4 p.m. that day.

Winners will be selected through a computerized random drawing on June 15.