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Wendy's, McDonald's and Burger King are competing for customers with deeply discounted menus. But can that strategy rescue a waning fast food market?

On today’s show, fast food is falling into a discount trap. Also today, the best sellers list is heavy with memoirs from celebrities and everyday people. We'll explore why writers want to share their secrets and delve into the art of a great memoir.

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From hospitals to auto-plants, robotics has been embraced by many fields, making work environments safer and more efficient. On today’s show we look to the fast food industry and ask the question: would people eat burgers made by a robot?

And, he may be best known as a film actor, but John C. Reilly can add another role to his resume: folk singer. Later in the show we’ll talk to Reilly about his latest adventures in music.

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Things are important. They help us get places, allow us to sit back and relax, provide entertainment, memories, sustenance, and warmth. I used to vow intense dislike for the word "things" ("It's so vague; what does it mean?!"). But truthfully, things - and the many uses of the word - are important. On today's Word of Mouth, we're exploring a lot of things. Really. From making to eating to growing, things can do so much for us. Hop on the "thing" bandwagon and listen up. As Oprah would say, "You get a new thing! You get a new thing! Yes, you get a new thing!"

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Since spring of this year, our Shifting the Balance series has explored how environmental and social factors affect the way people eat…and how those factors play in to America’s obesity epidemic.  A recently published study in Pyschology reports demonstrates how setting the right mood at meal time can help diners cap their calories.