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Eversource is joining a group of utilities aiming to build a national network of high-speed electric vehicle chargers.

The company, which is New Hampshire’s largest electric provider, is the first in the Northeast to join the Electric Highway Coalition, launched last month by utilities in the Southeast, Gulf Coast and Midwest.

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Update, 9:30 a.m. Tuesday: Utilities repaired all major outages overnight, leaving only about 150 across the state Tuesday morning. There are no weather advisories in effect for New Hampshire at this time. 

Original story, 4:30 p.m. Monday:

Gusty winds caused several thousand power outages across New Hampshire Monday, but utilities say they're prepared for any impacts to polling places on Election Day Tuesday.


New Hampshire's electric and natural gas utilities are proposing an increase to their energy efficiency savings goals for the next three years, in a plan that aims to cut costs and carbon emissions but could slightly increase customers’ bills in the short-term.

The proposal centers on the utility-run NHSaves rebate program, which gives ratepayers incentives to use less energy by upgrading things like appliances, insulation or machinery.

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Eversource has notified the state that it plans to power up its new Seacoast transmission line at the end of this month, on May 29.

The Seacoast Reliability Project runs about 13 miles between Madbury and Portsmouth, with a mile buried underwater beneath Little Bay, between Durham and Newington.

Eversource proposed the project in 2015 as part of its response to a call for more reliable infrastructure from the regional grid operator, ISO-New England. The utility says the line will help carry electric load and back up other transmission lines in the area.

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Eversource says recent infrastructure improvements helped reduce power outages by nearly 40 percent in New Hampshire last year.

The utility, which is the state’s largest, wants customers to pay for those upgrades as part of a pending rate increase.

Eversource says it saw fewer than 300,000 customer service interruptions of five minutes or longer in 2019, compared to 475,000 in 2018.


The fight against Eversource’s new Seacoast transmission line is winding down, with construction nearly complete.

Environmental advocates withdrew their state Supreme Court appeal against Eversource’s Seacoast Reliability Project in mid-December.

The court challenge had been unsuccessful in blocking the most controversial part of the project – a process known as “jet plowing,” which buried the transmission line under Little Bay.

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Eversource says it plans to become carbon neutral by 2030 – but the move won't change the kind of energy that's delivered to customers.

The utility, which is the largest in New England and New Hampshire, says it’s the first investor-owned utility in the U.S. to make this move.

A big water company merger has closed in Connecticut – leaving Eversource out to dry.

New Hampshire's biggest electric utility wanted to buy Connecticut Water. It had tried to beat out a California-based company called SJW Group for the acquisition.

But the SJW deal is now complete. The company's merger with Connecticut Water creates the third-biggest investor-owned water utility in the country.

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Eversource has officially pulled the plug on the Northern Pass transmission line.

The utility filed a notice with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission late Thursday, a spokesman says, “reflecting our conclusion that Northern Pass has unfortunately been brought to an end.”

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The New Hampshire Supreme Court on Friday dealt what may be the final blow to the Northern Pass transmission line.

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The town of Bow has reached a settlement with Eversource to repay millions in excess taxes on a local power plant.

Merrimack Station in Bow is the largest coal-burning power plant left in New England. Until recently, it was owned by Eversource and made up the bulk of Bow's tax base.

The utility says Bow charged them too much in property tax for the plant in 2012 and 2013. Earlier this year, the New Hampshire Supreme Court agreed.


Eversource has plans for a project in Durham to help power the University of New Hampshire campus – the second demonstration of new technologies the utility has announced this week.

Eversouce's proposal is called a microgrid. It's like an energy island that can run separately from the larger power grid, keeping the lights on even when there's an outage elsewhere.

It's the first microgrid Eversource has planned in New Hampshire, and will include solar panels, control systems and battery technology, which can hold power for later use.

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Eversource wants to bring battery storage and other new energy technology to a small, rural town in western New Hampshire.

The utility’s clean energy strategy director, Charlotte Ancel, says the town of Westmoreland experiences some of the longest, most frequent power outages of any town in the utility's New Hampshire service area.

Ancel says this is because Westmoreland relies on one power line with no backups, and it’s vulnerable to falling tree branches in storms the utility expects to increase with climate change. 

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The New Hampshire Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday in Eversource's bid to revive its Northern Pass transmission line.

The justices are considering whether the proposal – a nearly 200-mile high-voltage power line to bring Canadian hydropower through the White Mountains to New England – should get a new hearing with the state Site Evaluation Committee, or SEC.


Opponents of a new Eversource transmission line on the Seacoast are asking the state Supreme Court to review the project, even as construction gets underway.

The Conservation Law Foundation and residents of Durham filed appeals Monday on the Site Evaluation Committee's decision last December to let construction of the “Seacoast Reliability Project” proceed.

Federal regulators will give Seacoast residents more time to weigh in on construction permits for a new transmission line.

Eversource commences work on the Seacoast Reliability Project this month, after winning a long-fought approval late last year.

But they still need permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build in sensitive wetlands and tidal areas.


Eversource plans to break ground on a new Seacoast transmission line within two weeks.

But the utility still needs a federal permit to build in the Great Bay area, and environmental advocates want a public hearing before that permit is issued.

Eversource is seeking a Clean Water Act permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Future Of Offshore Wind In New Hampshire

Apr 24, 2019
Ashley Dace

This year has featured bipartisan discussion around offshore wind development in the Granite State. Why now? And what effect could this have on our state's economy, environment, and energy landscape?

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Energy industry players announced big plans for the future of New Hampshire’s electric grid at a conference in Concord Thursday -- even as some progressive energy ideas continue to stir controversy in state government. 

A major offshore wind developer says it plans to explore the possibility of involving Pease International Tradeport in its business.

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Eversource wants to increase its electric rate to cover the cost of major upgrades made over the past decade. The company began the lengthy rate review process with a request to the state Public Utilities Commission on Friday.

The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee will decide next week whether to reconsider its approval of a new power line on the Seacoast.

Opponents of the Eversource proposal, called the Seacoast Reliability Project, appealed the SEC's December ruling Monday.

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Manchester's Amoskeag Fishways, the state’s largest urban environmental education center, is scaling down its operations next week.

The center is located at Amoskeag dam along the Merrimack River. For nearly 25 years, New Hampshire Audabon has run it, offering free environmental and marine education to around 25,000 people each year.

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State regulators say they won’t force Eversource to buy more wood-fired energy – at least not while a new state law on the issue is still in dispute at the federal level.

The law in question would subsidize the state's biomass power plants. It narrowly passed over Gov. Chris Sununu's veto last year and is supposed to take effect Friday.

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Eversource will fly helicopters around the Seacoast over the next week as it repairs some aging transmission infrastructure.

The choppers will take contract workers along a transmission line in Greenland, Portsmouth and North Hampton, weather permitting, through Jan. 10.

The utility says the repair crews will replace old insulators on that power line, which connects major electric substations in the area.

The project is meant to make the grid more reliable during storms, and aid in future renewable energy connections, says Eversource spokeswoman Kaitlyn Woods.

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Eversource’s residential customers will likely see their bills increase in February, after the utility asks state regulators to approve a proposed rate hike this week.

New Hampshire's largest utility says it needs to increase its default electric service rate for the first half of next year by about half a cent per kilowatt-hour.  

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The state Site Evaluation Committee has given Eversource the green light to build a new transmission line on the Seacoast.

They voted unanimously Monday to certify the so-called Seacoast Reliability Project, after more than two weeks of exhaustive deliberations.

State regulators will begin final deliberations Wednesday on a proposed Seacoast transmission line.

Eversource's Seacoast Reliability Project would span about 13 miles between Portsmouth and Madbury, with one mile buried beneath Little Bay.

The utility first applied to build the $84 million power line in 2016. The state Site Evaluation Committee, which must approve large energy developments, has been taking testimony on it ever since.

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Eversource has lost a bid to buy a major water company in Connecticut. Shareholders at Connecticut Water voted overwhelmingly Friday to merge with California-based SJW Group.

Eversource was competing with SJW to make the acquisition. The energy giant argued they'd offer more local control and a complementary service area.

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Two environmental groups plan to sue the owners of a coal-fired power plant outside Concord – Merrimack Station, the largest of its kind left in New England.

The Sierra Club and the Conservation Law Foundation say they'll file suit under the Clean Water Act in January if things don't change at the power plant.