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Three New Hampshire cities are joining a Northeast network to promote small businesses within walking distance of electric vehicle charging stations.

More than 100 businesses across seven states are part of the project, called Destination Electric. Nearly half those businesses are in New Hampshire - mostly in Portsmouth, along with Dover and Nashua.

The list includes coffee shops, restaurants, galleries and cultural spots, like the Strawbery Banke museum.

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A New Hampshire utility is offering discounted rates to members who charge their electric vehicles during off-peak hours.

New Hampshire Electric Co-op says electric vehicle ownership is on the rise. It says members buying or leasing the vehicles can choose an off-peak charging option to reduce operating costs.

The utility says the goal of the off-peak charging program is to influence members to charge during times when regional electric demand is low and to not strain the New England transmission grid to meet the added demand for power.

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Two proposals in the next legislative session would slap extra fees on hybrid and electric vehicles, but but environmental advocates say it's an unfair penalty.

New Hampshire sets annual vehicle registration fees based on weight -- $30 or $40 for a small car, into the hundreds for a big truck. Then there's the fuel tax to cover road maintenance. But electric cars don't use gas, so they don't pay the tax.