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Drag Queens

Courtesy Onyx Reigns

Jas LaFond was just 9 years old when they met their first drag queen. This was back in the 90s. They were at home in Hartford, Connecticut. The drag queen was Black. And she was wearing a dark, sheer dress with gold lamé and flowers.

“The makeup was on point and neat and just completely transformed from the person I had met earlier in the day,” LaFond said. “Down to the nails and the hair down up and the edges were right. Like almost this deity in our living room getting ready to go out with my mom.”

Drag Queens And Covered Bridges

Oct 7, 2013
Andre Rosa

New Hampshire is known for its White Mountains and maple syrup. But one local artist would like to add another pair of regional highlights to that list: covered bridges and drag queens.

Andre Rosa is an artist and software engineer working out of Manchester. He’s just recently funded a photo calendar through Kickstarter and joins us to talk about the project.