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Coronavirus Coverage - Elections and Voting

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The November election is front and center on a lot of people's minds right now — not least of all because President Trump has recently declined to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses the election. He has also, without evidence, questioned the legitimacy of the election itself.

But here in New Hampshire, there's another battle playing out in court that could have ramifications for how and when voters cast their ballots in November, and how those ballots are counted.

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Whether you plan to cast an absentee ballot or plan to head to your local polling place on Election Day, or even if you haven’t yet finalized your voting plan and need more information to help make up your mind, NHPR can help. 

Cori Princell, NHPR

Community leaders in Manchester are hoping to recruit more bilingual people to work at the polls in the upcoming election.

This comes after the city’s Multicultural Advisory Council asked the state to publish voting instructions in Spanish, Nepali, French and other languages spoken by New Hampshire's growing immigrant and refugee communities.

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Looking ahead to November, some New Hampshire pollworkers are warning that delays are in store if the state doesn’t grant them more leeway in processing absentee ballots before Election Day.

Annie Ropeik, NHPR

Even before the polls opened on Election Day, we knew New Hampshire was poised for record-breaking absentee ballot numbers. Now, we have the data to better understand how expanded absentee eligibility affected voting patterns in the September state primary.

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COVID-19 made this month’s primary election in New Hampshire unlike any other. Voters case ballots wearing masks and voting in person or absentee, and election workers added “staying safe from infection” to their list of things-to-do while making voting easy for their fellow community members.

With the general election less than two months away, we wanted to know what lessons the state took away from this unusual primary that might be useful in November. NHPR's Peter Biello spoke with Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Chong Yen.

Cori Princell, NHPR

Over the past few months, the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office has told members of the public to turn to official sources for the most reliable guidance on how to vote — especially as the state’s election process has adapted to COVID-19.


President Trump's re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee can intervene in a lawsuit challenging New Hampshire's COVID-19 voting procedures, a judge has ruled.

The campaigns will join New Hampshire state attorneys who oppose further changes to absentee ballot rules for the November election.

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A continuación, encuentra las noticias del miércoles 9 de septiembre. 

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Las primarias de New Hampshire fluyeron bien y de manera segura en medio de la pandemia

Las elecciones primarias de ayer martes, representaron la primera prueba de conducir una elección de manera segura en medio de la pandemia del COVID-19. 

Allegra Boverman

A continuación, encuentra las noticias del martes 8 de septiembre. 

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¡Es el día de las elecciones primarias! 

Es el día de las elecciones primarias en New Hampshire, y se siente la competencia en algunas candidaturas. 

Dan Tuohy, NHPR

Tuesday is going to be a learning experience for voters and election officials alike, as New Hampshire navigates its first election of the COVID-19 era.

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President Trump's re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee are asking to intervene in a lawsuit challenging New Hampshire’s COVID-19 voting procedures. If their request is approved, they would join a team of state attorneys trying to stave off changes to New Hampshire’s absentee registration and voting rules ahead of the November general election.

Annie Ropeik, NHPR

With a week to go before the state primary election, New Hampshire is launching a new absentee voting system meant to allow more voters to cast a ballot privately and independently. 

This story was with additional information after the New Hampshire Republican Party clarified its plans for correcting the mistake on its mailers. You can read the party's plan in full here.

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

President Donald Trump announced plans to host a campaign rally in Manchester on Friday, August 28, a day after party leaders wrap up the largely virtual Republican National Convention in North Carolina.

Weekly N.H. News Roundup: August 21, 2020

Aug 21, 2020

The Meet the Candidates series continues with Lynne Blankenbeker, Republican candidate for the second Congressional District.  NHPR’s Casey McDermott takes a look at preparations for the September primary and what the state is anticipating. We also visit with State Representative Denny Ruprecht who was tapped as a rising star to be a part of  the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. And we go to Laconia, to learn about preparations for Laconia Motorcycle Week.

Air date: Friday, Aug. 21, 2020. 

Josh Rogers, Courtesy

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El gobernador Sununu no considera necesario ordenar el uso de cubrebocas en las urnas

Empezamos con noticias sobre las votaciones 2020. 

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Leading up to the 2020 New Hampshire presidential primary, NHPR tried something different: We invited you to tell us how we should cover the election. 

N.H. Secretary of State

New Hampshire voters have already requested four times as many absentee ballots for the September primary as they cast in the same election in 2016, according to state officials. 

Dan Tuohy / NHPR

New Hampshire Congressman Chris Pappas introduced a bill Thursday aimed at preventing age discrimination in voting.

Pappas says this legislation is particularly important during the pandemic, when access to the polls has been more limited.

“We’ve had voting hours restricted…restriction of polling places. And what we can’t afford to have happen is for efforts to be targeted against young voters or communities of color based on politics or based on political decision making.”

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New Hampshire sigue la tendencia de pocos casos de COVID-19 en comparación a otras partes de Estados Unidos

Cómo Presentar Un Voto Ausente Para Las Elecciones 2020 En New Hampshire

Aug 10, 2020
Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Este artículo fue originalmente escrito en inglés por Ethan Dewitt para el Monadnock Ledger-Transcript el 29 de julio del 2020 

Traducido al español por María Aguirre

Los votos extendidos de ausencia han llegado a New Hampshire. 

Weekly N.H. News Roundup: Aug. 7, 2020

Aug 6, 2020

On the Weekly N.H. News Roundup, we'll speak with Executive Councilor and Democratic candidate for governor Andru Volinsky. We'll get his take on racial justice, handling the pandemic, and re-opening schools. Also, as the primary and general elections approach, are local polling places prepared to keep voters and poll workers safe? 

Air date: Friday, Aug 7, 2020

Britta Greene for NHPR

This story has been updated with additional information.

More than 330,000 surgical masks, 8,200 jugs of sanitizing wipes, 5,300 face shields and 3,200 sneeze guards are on their way to local pollworkers across New Hampshire in the coming weeks, according to a new memo from the Secretary of State's office. 

This story has been updated with additional information.

New Hampshire's state epidemiologist is urging both pollworkers and voters to wear masks at all times inside the state's polling places if they show up for in-person balloting for this fall's elections.

Ayúdanos A Mejorar La Cobertura Política Del 2020 En NHPR

Jul 27, 2020
Josh Rogers / NHPR

Para las elecciones primarias presidenciales del 2020, NHPR trató algo diferente: invitó a los oyentes a contarnos a dar sugerencias sobre cómo cubrir la elección. 

Cientos de personas de todas partes del estado compartieron sus ideas. Usamos sus comentarios para tomar decisiones más conscientes sobre qué historias debíamos priorizar antes de las primarias y qué preguntas tenían los votantes sobre el proceso. 

justgrimes / Flickr Creative Commons

Originalmente escrito en inglés por Kelly Burch de Granite State News Collaborative, traducido al español por María Aguirre. 

Este año, todos los votantes elegibles en New Hampshire pueden registrarse mediante el correo. Pero, los votantes deben solicitar sus papeletas de ausencia y votos ausentes con tiempo para ayudar al estado a lidiar con el incremento anticipado de votos remotos. 

“Los votantes realmente podrían ayudar si actúan temprano", dijo en inglés David Scanlan, el secretario adjunto del estado. “Regístrense antes de la elección", fue su sugerencia. 

Three New Hampshire voters and a coalition of groups who advocate for people with disabilities are suing the state over its COVID-19 absentee registration and voting procedure. They allege that the state is denying voters with disabilities the equal opportunity to cast a private, independent absentee ballot without extra assistance.

justgrimes / Flickr Creative Commons

New Hampshire's pollworkers will be outfitted with masks, face shields, gloves and gowns for the September primary and November general election — but local officials will need to reuse some of those items, including face masks, in both elections, according to new guidance from the Secretary of State.

Josh Rogers / NHPR

Gov. Chris Sununu is responding to criticism from some Black, Latino, and immigrant business owners who say the state hasn't done enough to make coronavirus relief funds available in communities of color.

As NHPR's Jason Moon reports, Sununu expressed support for some of the recommendations those business owners provided.