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The National Park Service celebrated its 100th birthday on Thursday.  New Hampshire’s only national park is Saint-Gaudens, the home, studio, and gardens of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, located in Cornish. 


A historic covered bridge in New Hampshire is back in operation after a bus driver hit and damaged the structure.

Cornish Selectmen Chair John Hammond tells the Eagle Times the Dingleton Hill Covered Bridge was reopened in April after the repairs were made.

Cornish police said Allan Spencer was transporting the Otter Valley Girls Basketball Team Feb. 19 when the bus from the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union in Vermont damaged the bridge.

Police said the bus was 19,000 pounds over the bridge's weight limit and more than three feet taller than its height limit.

A New Hampshire school district planning committee is set to vote on whether it will try to withdraw from its current district and form its own.

Cornish voters in 2014 approved the creation of a study committee to examine how the school district could better control its budget and address the school's dwindling population.

The committee decided in November that the best path would be to withdraw from SAU No. 6 and form a single school district. The plan would allow Cornish to have one school board, budget and audit.

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The New Hampshire Department of Transportation hopes to start work next year on a project to eliminate erosion around supports of a historic covered bridge connecting the state to Vermont.

The Eagle Times reports state officials met with the Cornish Selectboard and residents last week during a public hearing on the $2 million project.

Officials say the flood-related erosion, known as scour, is critical at the 149-year-old Cornish-Windsor Bridge.

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J.D. Salinger was famously private - and his privacy was often famously invaded - by photographers, journalist, curiosity seekers, film makers. 

That Salinger lived in Cornish is well known.  Less well known is that Salinger had two homes in Cornish.  The first house he lived in for 14 years sits on the hill behind the second.  It recently came on the market and I went to talk to its owner about her home - and about her long time neighbor, J.D. Salinger.

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At 449 feet and five inches long, the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge spans the Connecticut River, connecting the town of Cornish and Windsor, Vermont.

Now in its fourth incarnation, the first three versions of the bridge were all destroyed by floods.

As part of our occasional series Marking History, we travel to Cornish, where we talk with a local historian about a bit of controversy over its ranking as the longest covered bridge in the country. 

There's also a fun rivalry between Cornish and Windsor about the name of the bridge.