Carbon Pricing


The Outside/In team demystifies cap-and-trade programs in the Northeast.

Credit Bricky Cement / Flickr/CC

New Hampshire and other Northeast states are considering a carbon pricing system to curb emissions from passenger vehicles.

The transportation sector is New England's top source of the greenhouse gases that exacerbate the effects of climate change.

In New Hampshire, transportation – especially passenger vehicles – contributes more than 40 percent of emissions, while electricity generation contributes around 20 percent.

Ali Oshinskie for NHPR

A legislative committee gets back to work Tuesday on a proposed carbon price and dividend program for New Hampshire.

The bill, HB735, was held over in the House Science, Technology and Energy committee earlier this year. It'll be on legislators' agenda again in 2020, and it's getting some work sessions in the meantime. 

Annie Ropeik / NHPR

A bill that would price carbon emissions got its first hearing in the state legislature Wednesday. NHPR's Annie Ropeik reports it aims to discourage the use of fossil fuels that drive climate change.