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Steve Mirick

A panel of federal judges has ordered a stricter monitoring plan for Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant’s issues with cracks in its concrete. 

The ruling comes from the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, under the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

It was issued in late August and made public Friday, about a year after a days-long hearing on the issue in Newburyport, Mass.


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will delay giving Seabrook Station permission to stay open until 2050, after facing pressure from lawmakers to take more public input.

Members of Congress raised concerns after the NRC said it would approve extending Seabrook's license this month – before an adjudicative hearing with a local watchdog group, the C-10 Foundation, this summer.

Jim Richmond via Flickr Creative Commons

Critics of the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant voiced concerns about the facility’s bid for a new license at an annual federal meeting in Hampton Wednesday night.

Officials with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission say the Seacoast plant is currently operating safely, despite cracks spreading through some of its concrete.