Bruce Springsteen

Let the Cold Wind Blow/ McKasson and McDonald/ Harbour/ mckassonandmcdonald

My Peace/ Caroline Cotter/ Home on the River/ Caroline Cotter Music

Love Call Me Home/ Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt/ We Are Welcomed/ Pragmavision 35

Best Friends/ Johnsmith/ Ginkgo/ Blue Pine Music

Someday Soon/ Judy Collins/ Forever/ Warner

Silent Spring/ Emma's Revolution/ One/ Big W Productions

Death Came A Knockin'/ Ruthie Foster/ Stages Blue Corn Music

Maple Syrup Time/ Moxy Fruvous/ The Songs of Pete Seeger/ Appleseed Records

Title/ Artist/ Album/ Label

Scots Irish/ Nell Robinson and the Rose/ Of No Man's Land/ Compass Records

When First I Came to Caledonia/ Ten Strings and a Goat Skin/ Aupre Du Poele/ TSAAGS

Song to Woody/ Crowes Pasture/ Crowes Pasture/ Crowes Pasture

Louisiana Charm/ Crowes Pasture/ Crowes Pasture/ Crowes Pasture

All God's Critters/ John McCutcheon/ Howjadoo/ Rounder

The Golden-Plover Set/ Jeremy Kittel/ Chasing Sparks/ Alliance

The Persecution And Restoration Of Dean Moriarty [On The Road]/ Aztec Two-Step/ Aztec Two-Step/ Elektra Records