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The Barbie doll has been targeted for her unrealistic proportions and for setting up an unattainable ideal for girls. Well, meet the new model - equipped with artificial intelligence, Barbie just got even more persuasive. Plus, “when a daddy really loves a mommy…” has long kicked off the story of how babies are made.  But what about now,  when surrogacy, same sex couples, and fertility labs are challenging old norms? We talk with the author of a series of books about sex for kids without gender, and without judgment. Today, we learn about the birds, bees, and biology.

5 Songs To Sing At Your Next Birthday Party

Apr 8, 2014
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While the traditional "Happy Birthday" song is ubiquitous, there are a few alternatives. We even tried our hand at a new way to sing the praises of someone celebrating their birthday.

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Meanwhile, here are few alternative singing options for your next Birthday soiree.