Appalachian Trail

"I remember the loons, basically trilling off across the lakes and the ponds that I was going through that last week and a half through New Hampshire and Maine. I remember the scents of the different trees and the different forms of dirt. It really was, like a… as much as I was brought to that utter fatigue, my senses just became really attuned to what was going on around me. "

That's Scott Jurek. This past summer, he set off trying to become the fastest person to to run the Appalachian Trail, which is over 2,000 miles long. That’s like running from New York City to Utah.

Heart Attack Felled 'Lucky 10' On Appalachian Trail

Jul 30, 2013

Robert Accola, the 54 year-old hiker found dead on the Appalachian Trail near Warren Monday, couldn’t wait to get to New Hampshire, says a sister, Katharine Accola of Providence, R.I.

“That is where we grew up hiking and that is the last place he hiked,” she said.

Accola, who began hiking north from Lee, Massachusetts on July 6th, died of a heart attack, according to his sister.

He was known on the trail by the nickname “Lucky 10.”

Hiker Found Dead On Appalachian Trail

Jul 29, 2013
Chris Jensen / NHPR

A 54-year-old North Carolina man was found dead on the Appalachian Trail near Warren Monday morning.

Lt. James Kneeland of New Hampshire Fish and Game says two hikers found the man’s body.

“Early this morning we received a report of a hiker that was not responsive in his tent up here on the Appalachian Trail in Glencliff.”

Kneeland said the hikers were apparently worried when they didn’t see any activity and looked inside the tent.

Officials from the state police, U.S. Forest Service and Fish and Game responded.