Second Greatest Show On Earth

The Second Greatest Show on Earth is an experiment. What if listeners got to tell reporters what stories to cover?

About the Show

In traditional journalism, the community only gets involved at the very end of the process... after the story gets published. But what if we asked the people listening – the people who live and work in New Hampshire – what stories we should pursue?

That’s what we’re doing at Second Greatest. Our reporting relies on community participation: you submit a question, we track down the answer – and then make a podcast about it! Sometimes, you even come along for the reporting.

Submit your idea at, or fill out the form below.

About Our Name

When showman PT Barnum stood atop Mt. Washington, the tallest peak in New Hampshire, it took his breath away. He called it the “second greatest show on earth,” and in a place like this, there’s no shortage of great stories to unearth together.



Sara Plourde

Decades before the Salem witch trials, two women were accused of witchcraft in New Hampshire. Jane Walford and Eunice Cole stood trial in the same year, within just a few miles of each other, but their lives ended quite differently. The fates of these women might provide insight into what a historical witch actually was, and why some survived their trials while others did not.