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The Exchange is New Hampshire's only locally produced statewide call-in talk show, hosted by Laura Knoy.  It airs live at 9 a.m. and is rebroadcast at 9 p.m. weekdays.

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  • Monday, Oct. 26: NHPR's Document Team: The List 
  • Tuesday, Oct. 27: Political Reporter Roundtable
  • Wednesday, Oct. 28: Coronavirus Update with NH DHHS Dr. Ben Chan and Dr. Elizabeth Talbot
  • Thursday, Oct 29: 2020 Climate Policies
  • Friday, Oct. 23: Weekly New Hampshire News Roundup


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Meet The Candidates

The Exchange will be interviewing candidates in contested races for the Sept. 8, 2020 primary Fridays on the Weekly N.H. News Roundup. This is the schedule for upcoming appearances on the show:



This pandemic has transformed employment for many Americans. Many lost their jobs. Others began working from home almost exclusively, while essential workers, facing danger on the job, adopted an array of new safety procedures. During our discussion on the future of work, we heard from workers representing diverse sectors about their current predicaments.   


Their comments, edited lightly, are below. For the full conversation, visit here


As theaters and studios attempt to emerge from the pandemic shutdown, they're confronting ever-greater competition from streaming services as well as rising demands that they better reflect the nation's diversity.

We examine what could be a pivotal moment for this industry and how you can watch new releases this summer, with or without heading to a local cinema. 

Air date: Tuesday, July 7, 2020. 

Flckr Creative Commons

Since Covid-19 hit, many Americans found their employment transformed: Some lost their jobs, others labored at home, while essential workers faced an array of new safety procedures and, sometimes, danger on the job  We examine these massive changes - and explore what might be long-lasting.

Air Date: July 6, 2020

Governor Sununu has set aside $35 million from the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund to provide housing assistance for individuals who have trouble paying their rent and utilities as a result of the pandemic.

Sarah Kolk

In early May, the Exchange interviewed three college seniors living in New Hampshire about their commencements, summer plans, and feelings about the future. We recently checked in again to see how they’re doing and how their job searches are coming along. 

Sarah Kolk studied Anthropology modified with Biology as well as Geography at Dartmouth College.

How are you doing Sarah? What’s changed for you since we last spoke? 

Candidates Navigate Unusual Campaign Season

Jun 29, 2020

Amid coronavirus concerns and a national reckoning on issues of race and policing, it might be hard to detect that there's campaigning going on. But candidates are trying to get their message out ahead of the state's Sept. 8 primary, when voters choose Republican and Democratic contenders for the general election. We'll check in on what candidates have been saying.

Air Date: June 29, 2020

Re-examining American History & American Icons

Jun 28, 2020

How well do you really know George Washington? If you’re picturing wooden teeth and a cherry tree, you will want to tune in for a conversation with historians Alexis Coe and Erica Armstrong Dunbar. Their work challenges conventional wisdom about this founding father and the runaway slave he pursued to Portsmouth, N.H. Recent topplings of Confederate statues have prompted a national conversation about other American leaders who were not a part of the Confederacy but who owned slaves, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. NHPR Reporter Casey McDermott hosts.

Air date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Weekly N.H. News Roundup: June 26, 2020

Jun 26, 2020
Sara Plourde

Celebrating Pride Month looks different this year; we chat with organizers about how they've had to change their events in light of both the COVID-19 pandemic and recent protests about racial injustice. We also discuss New Hampshire's new Commission on Law Enforcement Accountability, Community and Transparency, which met for the first time this week, and explore how summer camps are trying to accomodate demand while staying safe. 

Air date: Friday, June 26, 2020. 

Jessica Hunt/NHPR

The transition from high school to adulthood is already major life change, and COVID-19 has complicated that process for many recent graduates. We talk with three graduating seniors about what's next for them, how their plans have changed during the pandemic, and what they're looking forward to. 

Air date: Thursday, June 25, 2020.

COVID-19's Toll on Women -- at Work and at Home

Jun 22, 2020

The economic downturn brought on by COVID=19 has hit women especially hard, in part because they often juggle employment with caring for family. At the start of the lockdown, women dropped from the workforce at a higher rate than men. As reopening takes hold, women are being re-employed at a slower rate than men.

Air date: June 23, 2020.

Conversations About Race With Young Children

Jun 22, 2020

As books about systemic racism rise to the top of best seller lists, and calls for action against  oppression and daily microaggressions dominate social media, we talk about the effective ways to have conversations with children about race, and how those conversations look different based on a child's own race and personal background. 

Air date: Monday, June 22, 2020.

Weekly N.H. News Roundup: June 19, 2020

Jun 19, 2020

Juneteenth celebrations, to commemorate the end of slavery in the U.S., are happening around New Hampshire and online this Friday, and protests against police brutality have led to increased scrutiny of law enforcement practices in the Granite State. And at the end of the first week of reopening since the COVID-19 pandemic reached the state, we check in on the latest health updates. 

Air date: Friday, June 19, 2020.

Ellen Grimm for NHPR




The state senate this week passed a multifaceted criminal justice bill requiring police to report misconduct of fellow officers and banning choke holds, the type of tactic a former Minneapolis police officer used on George Floyd, crushing his knee into Floyd's neck until he could no longer breath.

Also on that scene: Two other officers who appeared to hold Floyd down while a third looked on. All four officers were fired and are now facing charges.


We discuss what this summer will look like for New Hampshire's state parks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. While record numbers of Granite Staters are heading to the parks to seek out local recreation, new social distancing guidelines and other protocols mean that the experience will be different this year. We chat with the state parks director about how he and his staff are preparing.   

Air date: Thursday, June 18, 2020. 

Dan Tuohy/NHPR

From tactics and training to issues of oversight and transparency, police conduct has come under national scrutiny in the aftermath of George Floyd's death at the hands of a former Minnesota police officer. Calls for racial justice and police reforms have resonated in the Granite State, as well, and on Tuesday, Governor Sununu announced a new commission charged with examining police accountability and transparency and issuing recommendations within 45 days. Also on Tuesday, the state senate passed a bill that includes a ban on the use of chokeholds.  

Air date: June 17, 2020


Now that the school year has largely concluded for New Hampshire districts across the state, we turn our attention to what education might look like this fall.

We reflect on how remote learning went, review what we've learned, and discuss what options are available for the upcoming academic year, whether that is more remote learning, a transition back to in-person learning, or a hybrid model of both methods. 

Air date: Tuesday, June 16, 2020. 

wikimedia commons

We check in with leaders from three New Hampshire cities: Keene, Nashua, and Manchester. We'll find out how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their communities - and their budgets. We'll also ask what conversations are underway right now about local policing – and racial justice.

Air date: June 15, 2020.

Weekly N.H. News Roundup: June 12, 2020

Jun 11, 2020

We look at how protests of racial injustice and debates over transparency on police procedures are playing out in New Hampshire. For the second time in history, the New Hampshire House meets somewhere other than the State House. The Executive Council nixes Governor Sununu's nomination for the state Board of Education. And the Secretary of State's Select Committee on 2020 Emergency Election Support outlines recommendations for voting this year.

Conducting the 2020 Census During A Pandemic

Jun 10, 2020
Sara Plourde, NHPR

We discuss the 2020 census, with all its implications for political districts, federal funding, and community services. Even with the coronavirus pandemic, the census is still taking place, although some information will be gathered differently this year. We chat about how the census will be conducted and its impact on our nation. 

Air date: Thursday, June 11, 2020. 

Dan Tuohy for NHPR

We look at the research, at times evolving, behind the safeguards promoted to help prevent COVID-19. As much as scientists have learned about this coronavirus, questions remain - from the six-feet-apart rule to the most effective way to wear a mask.

If you have questions about COVID-19 -- including on where, how, and when to get tested -- visit this NH DHHS site.  You can register for a test here

Air date: Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

Christina Phillips/NHPR

As protests against racism and police brutality continue across the country and New Hampshire, we compare what we’re seeing now to earlier movements – more than a century of demonstrations for civil rights and against systemic racism. 

Air date: Tuesday, June 9, 2020. 

N.H. Restaurants Get Creative To Survive Pandemic

Jun 7, 2020

New Hampshire restaurants have been hard hit during the coronavirus pandemic, changing their business model to curbside pickup and delivery, then pivoting to limited outdoor dining and soon, anticipating returning to limited indoor dining. We talk with restaurant owners from across the state about how they have responded to the challenge and how long they can sustain this way of doing business. We also discuss how they plan to keep customers, servers and kitchen staff safe as they return.

Airdate: Monday, June 8, 2020

Weekly N.H. News Roundup: June 5, 2020

Jun 4, 2020

Black Lives Matter holds protests against racial injustice and vigils across the state in memory of those who lost their lives. After more than two months of roped off parking and patrolled sand, New Hampshire’s beaches reopen with some caveats. We discuss Nashua's emergency public health ordinance requiring masks. And he state has begun the process to allow Granite Staters to register by mail to vote in this fall’s elections and making it easier to vote absentee.


We sit down with Congressman Chris Pappas, a Democrat representing the state's 1st District. We catch up on the congressional response to the coronavirus pandemic, in terms of public health and the economy, and hear his response to the racial injustice protests here in New Hampshire.

Air date: Thursday, June 4, 2020. 

Christina Phillips/NHPR

Grieving and calls to action against police brutality and systemic racism are happening across New Hampshire. We talk with local organizers about their missions, and how they're navigating activism during the pandemic. Are you attending a protest or vigil? Tell us why you demonstrate?

Air date: Wednesday, June 3, 2020. 

Michael Brindley for NHPR



An upcoming vigil organized by the Greater Nashua Area Branch of the NAACP and Black Lives Matter Nashua will be a call to action in honor of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other victims of police brutality, according to Jordan Thompson, racial justice organizer for ACLU-NH and founder of Black Lives Matter Nashua, which officially launches this week.






Children are facing not only the stress of remote learning and social isolation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but also a week of social unrest across the country. In the midst of all this uncertainty and loss, how are they handling the turmoil? We discuss childrens' mental health, how we can address their concerns and what the long-term impacts might be. 

Air date: Tuesday, June 2, 2020. 

Ellen Grimm / NHPR

The arrest and death of George Floyd, a brutal scene captured on video, has led to both peaceful and violent protest in cities across the country.

In New Hampshire, about 800 protesters held a gathering in downtown Manchester that police described as "peaceful" and "respectful.

Weekly N.H. News Roundup: May 29, 2020

May 28, 2020

Some Granite Staters have gotten COVID-19 and recovered; we discuss how, even if you’re fortunate enough to survive the virus, it can still have long-term emotional and physical impacts. In the midst of this pandemic, we are longing for the pastimes of summer, including the sights and sounds of a Red Sox game. We talk about the cancellation of the Boston Marathon, the role of sports in our lives, and what the future may hold. And we check in on NHPR's Spanish language audio newscast, ¿Qué Hay de Nuevo, New Hampshire? (What’s New, New Hampshire?). It provides the latest information on coronavirus-related developments and other news to Spanish speakers in the state. 

Dan Tuohy/NHPR

An inflammatory condition in children thought to be linked to COVID-19 has arrived in the state, and as more businesses reopen, we talk about how you can stay safe, and answer your health questions about the pandemic in New Hampshire. 

Air date: Thursday, May 28, 2020.