World War II Bomber Plane Visits Nashua

Jun 20, 2015

The only flying B-29 bomber from World War II touched down in Nashua on Friday, where it remains for the weekend for public tours.

On Friday afternoon at the Boire Field Airport in Nashua, dozens wait to get their first glimpse of the Boeing B-29, the same class of bomber plane that flew in the raiding missions in Japan.

The 92-year-old Pete Ziner moves assuredly with his cane, his memories equally as strong. He says he was a radar operator in the 315th bomb wing, one of the last to go overseas before the war ended.

"It was a 3700-mile round trip from Guam to the target and back. We flew for 17 hours. Among the people who were on my crew of nine, I am the lone survivor. Maybe in a couple of years, I'll join them, wherever they are."

After a three-hour delay, Ziner and the other spectators watched the famous Superfortress touch ground, giving them a close-up view of this 70 year-old chapter from World War II aviation history.