Word Of Mouth 09.28.13

Sep 27, 2013

Credit Brandon Burris via flickr Creative Commons

We like to think of the Word of Mouth Saturday show as a convenient, one-hour public radio field trip. So pack a special picnic lunch and grab a buddy, here's what's on the itinerary this week:

  • Bill Maher Love him or hate him, it really doesn't matter, Bill Maher is a great interview.
  • Field Trips Jay Phillip Greene explains his recent study on the power of the school field trip. Turns out they have real and powerful educational value.

  • Stalking Birds of Prey Jack Rodolico found a flock of fourth graders on a field trip with their eyes on the sky.
  • Video Games and War If the future of warfare looks a lot like a video game to you, you're not alone. Corey Mead is Assistant Professor of English at CUNY’s Baruch College, and author of War Play: Video Games and the Future of Armed Conflict and he joins us to talk about how the U.S. Army's new video game has worked itself into the classroom.
  • The Long Shot Derek Mead and Brian Anderson talk about their new documentary for Motherboard about a rifle that aims for you--with sharp shooter accuracy.