Word of Mouth 09.07.13

Sep 6, 2013

Credit Leo Reynolds via flickr Creative Commons

Welcome to the Word of Mouth Saturday show where we take all our freshest content, pop it in the audio blender and pour out a refreshing glass of public radio awesome. On this week's show:

  • Hogwarts for orphans? Natasha Vargas-Cooper tells us about San Pasqual Academy, a new kind of group home that is trying to create a stable environment for teenage foster kids.
  • A Disney convention for die-hard fans. Move over Comic-con, Disney is trying to create the ultimate fan event. Jordan Zakarin covered this years D23 event in Anaheim for Buzzfeed.
  • Vietnam through the eyes of photographers. Curator Kurt Sundstrom stopped by the studio to tell us about the Currier Museum of Art's new exhibit, "Visual Dispatches from the Vietnam War."

  • Can thinking about science make you a better person? New research points to a correlation between science and morality. Piercarlo Valdesolo tells us about the experiments that led to the preliminary conclusions.
  • Vaud and the Villains take over the Music Hall in Portsmouth this weekend. We interviewed "Vaud Overstreet" and his wife "Peaches Mahoney", and got a feel for what makes their 19-piece group so unique.
  • The meteoric social climb of the humble lobster. Once considered peasant food, lobster has reinvented itself several times over. Daniel Luzer wrote about the bottom-feeding crustacean's rise to haute cuisine.