Word Of Mouth 08.17.13

Aug 16, 2013

Credit Leo Reynolds via flickr Creative Commons

Looking for the best hour in public radio? Look no further than the Word of Mouth Saturday show. 100% nutritional content with no fillers or by products. On this week's show...

  • Ever wondered what it takes to be the Dungeon Master of a Dungeons & Dragons game? David Ewalt tells Virginia the secrets of the popular dice game from his book, Of Dice and Men...
  • Richard Blanco is just the 5th poet in our nation's history to read an inaugural poem, producer Sean Hurley brings us the sounds from a recent Blanco reading.
  • Multiple male contraceptive pill options have been perpetually in the works, but a viable option still hasn't made it to market. Cell biologist and physician Jalees Rehman discusses some of the reasons for the limited number of male contraceptive options.
  • The taboo of talking frankly about a woman's period has long been played out in television commercials and a new commercial that recently went viral certainly brings some much needed humor to the discussion. Emily Shire talks about why the 'Hello Flo' commercial is really not all that revolutionary.
  • Which came first: milk tolerance in humans or the process of milking cows to provide a beverage? Evolutionary geneticist Mark Thomas discusses the history of lactose persistence in Europe and how humans developed a genetic mutation that allowed them to tolerate milk.
  • From PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, a story from their amazing STEM Story Project. 52 Hz is the name given to a mysterious whale that vocalizes at a different frequency than other whales. Some refer to him as "The World's Loneliest Whale," but other scientists aren't convinced that its unique call has left the whale isolated at all.