Wood-Energy Group To Provide 'Coaches' For Wood-Boiler Installs

Apr 19, 2014

Pellets being bulk delivered to a home with an automatic feed pellet boiler.
Credit Pellergy / Flickr CC

Thanks to a $250,000 dollar federal grant a new group is working to promote the burning of wood for heating in high-efficiency boilers in the Granite state

The New Hampshire Wood Energy Council consists of nearly fifty biomass supporters from state agencies, non-profit organizations, and industry representatives. Those representatives will serve as ambassadors for using wood-pellet and wood-chip boilers.

“We’ll be providing assistance on a competitive basis, and selected projects will then be offered the services of what we’re calling a coach,” says Rick DeMark, executive director of the new group.  

The coaching will be targeted to towns, schools and other large buildings, including financial assistance for doing feasibility studies.

The group will also host seminars and conferences, one for wood-boiler operators scheduled for next week has already booked over a hundred participants