WMUR/UNH Poll Finds Obama Holds Lead, Romney Lags With Women

Oct 22, 2012

The latest poll from WMUR and the UNH Survey Center shows President Obama maintaining a slight lead over Governor Mitt Romney in the Granite State.

UNH Pollster Andy Smith says the latest poll shows that there is still an enthusiasm gap, with more Republican voters feeling fired up about the election, but..

Smith: Obama has a 59 percent to 34 percent lead among women, Romney has a smaller lead among men, so the gender gap is there but advantaging the president right now.

But Smith says there is an indication that the race is tightening.

Smith: Asking people who they think is going to win is actually a better predictor of who will actually win an election than the horse race question.

The number of people who say they think Obama will win the contest is falling: down from 63 percent at the beginning of the month to 46 percent in this poll. When you add that to the tendency of undecided voters to break against the incumbent, Smith says this race is likely to get closer before it’s over.