WMNF Rangers: Camping Suspended Along Tripoli Road Due to Bears

Jul 8, 2019

Tripoli Road in Woodstock, N.H.
Credit Google Maps

Rangers say camping has been suspended along a road in the White Mountain National Forest because improper food storage has attracted bears.

WMNF District Ranger Brooke Brown said camping along Tripoli Road in Woodstock was suspended as of Sunday afternoon, although the road itself was open for other recreation opportunities.

The area off of Interstate 93 is popular for those seeking a roadside camping experience.

Brown said her staff has been working to deter bears from the location, while educating campers about the importance of proper food storage. She said the bears have continued to receive "food rewards," creating an unsafe situation.

Rangers advise campers to store food properly in closed/locked vehicles or bear containers; keep a clean campsite; put coolers and food containers in vehicles after eating; and place trash in bear-proof dumpsters.