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Windham Voters To Consider Proposed New Water Line

Mar 2, 2020

Credit John K via Flickr CC

Voters in Windham are considering a measure to get water to areas polluted by the chemical PFAS.  The proposed 1.6-mile water line would run along Route 111 through Windham's main commercial area.

The proposed pipe is connected to a larger joint initiative among the state and towns in the region, called the Southern New Hampshire Regional Water Interconnection Project. The goal: Get 3 million gallons of water from Manchester to towns in the southern part of the state seeing water shortages and contamination.

But Windham needs a water extension line to get that some of that water from the main pipe to new developments along Route 111. And the state wants local taxpayers to help pay for it.

It would cost over $6.3 million in bonds for the town, and the state says it may also pitch in $3 million on top of that from the drinking water trust find.