Will the Medical Marijuana Debate Return to the Granite State?

Nov 28, 2012

The rest of New England now allows use of marijuana for certain health conditions.  And with a Governor-elect saying she’s open to the idea here….supporters are feeling hopeful.  But opponents still have many concerns, among them: that medical marijuana would be hard to control, encouraging use by those who aren’t even sick. 


  • Matt Simon - Legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project, which focuses on removing criminal penalties for marijuana use, with a particular emphasis on making marijuana medically available to seriously ill people who have the approval of their doctors.
  • Kevin Sabet - Director of the Institute on Drug Policy at the University of Florida College of Medicine and works as a consultant on drug policy issues, specializing in drug prevention, treatment, and law enforcement, including the impact of drug legalization and medical marijuana. He’s also a regular columnist at thefix.com and a blogger at HuffingtonPost.
  • Tom Reid - Deputy county attorney in Rockingham County.