Why Do Midterms Matter & How Do They Impact You? | New Hampshire Public Radio

Why Do Midterms Matter & How Do They Impact You?

Oct 31, 2018

We sit down with NHPR's Civics 101, our podcast refresher course on the basics of our democracy.  The team has dug into how midterm elections impact us, the local and national offices on the ballot, and what makes midterms unique in New Hampshire. 

Listen to the entire Midterm Edition series from Civics 101 here

Be sure to check out NHPR's voter resources page to find the answers to all your voting questions.  During the show a caller asked how to change party affiliation before voting, but in the general election, it's not necessary to change affiliation to vote for either party.  For more information, click on our title to see this full page, for links to more coverage.


  • Nick Capodice - Education outreach and engagement producer, and co-host of Civics 101. 
  • Hannah McCarthy - Producer and co-host of Civics 101. 

Resources for New Hampshire Midterm Elections:

  "N.H. Voter Resources: What You Need To Know Before Heading To The Polls."

"What Are Ballot Measures And What's Their Role In Direct Democracy?" from NHPR's Morning Edition team. 

"How Should You Vote On Constitutional Amendment Ballot Questions?" from NHPR's Morning Edition team. 

Check out NHPR's 2018 Elections page, where we have curated coverage about the races, candidates, ballot questions, and more.

Visit the NH Ballotpedia page to read about all the offices and questions you'll find on your ballot. 

Also check out Citizens Count, a nonprofit in N.H. that provides information about legislative bills, state and local candidates, and much more.