White River Junction VA Medical Center Looks to Improve Its Operation

Jul 12, 2016

Patients, employees, and officials with the VA Medical Center in White River Junction, Vermont came together on Monday to discuss how the hospital could improve. 

Town Halls like this one are a chance for veterans to take their concerns to the highest official at the hospital. But only one man out of about 50 spoke up, saying there had been a confusion in his appointment times. Director Al Montoya spoke at length to the veterans, saying the way to solve these kinds of administrative problems is by increasing communication.

“We need to increase communication from the medical center and from our employees down to our veterans.”

Montoya officially took the helm as director last month after serving as interim director since last year. He says he has implemented open door policies, quarterly town meetings, and opportunities to have coffee with a director as a means of improving the flow of communication between staff and patients.