When Drone Aircraft Video Met Nashua's Branding Campaign

Feb 4, 2014

David Brooks says the cost of attaching a camera to a quadrocopter and creating a video-friendly drone aircraft is often under a thousand dollars.
Credit quadrocopter via Flickr/CC - http://ow.ly/thIHv

Nashua is in the midst of a downtown branding campaign, with the slogan “Dare To Begin” and an eye-catching video showing some of the district’s most prominent features from above, courtesy of a camera mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicles, or a drone.

The catch is, the system used to make the video does not appear to have had license from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly.

The rise in small, inexpensive drone aircraft is leading to many new commercial possibilities, from real estate and wedding photography to, in Nashua's case, city branding. And those possibilities, in turn, are raising questions about drones in New Hampshire and nationally.

To answer some of those questions we turn to David Brooks, who writes the weekly Granite Geek science column for the Nashua Telegraph and the GraniteGeek.org blog.