Weekly N.H. News Roundup: August 24, 2018

Aug 24, 2018

The Granite State's two U.S. Senators call for a delay in the upcoming Supreme Court confirmation hearings. With state primary elections around the corner, a plethera of polls predicts who's up and who's down.   


  • Garry Rayno - author of Distant Dome, a Manchester Ink link and indepthnh.org series that explores stories from the NH statehouse. He formerly worked as a reporter for the Union Leader.
  • Dean Spiliotes - civic scholar in the School of Arts and Sciences at SNHU and author of the website NH Political Capital.


Related Reading

The Union Leader reported on N.H. politicians' reaction to Cohen and Manafort developments and the effect on the Kavanaugh hearings.

With the primary approaching, polls are emerging: a UNH poll shows Trump job performance rating climbing slowly in N.H., the Saint Anselm College Survey Center recently released their August 2018 Midterm Primary Poll.

After a long wait, DHHS expands Medicaid to schools for student health care.

Berlin joins other N.H. communities suing opioid drug makers.