This Weekend in New Hampshire: Turkeys, Turnips, Tours

Nov 18, 2016

Wild Turkey
Credit "Birds of America," by John James Audubon / Wikipedia

Although it is only, technically, the middle of the month, Thanksgiving is quickly bearing down upon us.  If you have been too caught up in the news to make a grocery list or crack a cookbook, here are some ways to get your head in the game this weekend.

Hit a farmers' market.  Most of the markets have moved indoors, and this weekend they will be filled with a cornucopia of local vegetables.  Winter squash and root vegetables keep forever, so stock up while you're there.

Buy a local bird.  Although it is tempting to try to snag one of those wily wild turkeys you keep seeing in your yard or by the roadside, you might want to go for the sure thing and purchase a bird from a local purveyor.  The New Hampshire Department of Agriculture has a list of turkey producers.

Attend a Thanksgiving-themed event.  Drive over the river and through the woods to Keene on Saturday to attend the 16th Annual Stonewall Farm Thanksgiving Farm Fare.  You can secure just about everything you need for your family feast, then take a hay ride around the farm or peruse holiday wares. 

Catch a little history.   Head to Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth and take the “Three Centuries of Thanksgiving” interactive walking tour.  This multi-sensory program tells the story of  how Thanksgiving "transcended time, place and culture to become the uniquely American holiday celebrated today." Costumed role-players, a harvest craft activity and restored homes are all on offer.